Girls Get-Away to the Ace Hotel

The past 48 hours have been nothing but sunshine and luxuries relaxing. The co-workers and I decided to take a little vacay to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It’s been a crazy summer and we all needed a BREAK!  We have heard some fun reviews about this little hip hotel and thought we would try it out for ourselves.


Before we headed out to the desert I made myself a little pre-swimming fuel. A veggie sandwich with Veganaise and Ezekiel Bread. I also packed other treats, just in case there was nothing else I could eat.


The thing that I loved most about this hotel is that they have the best presentation of all their branding!.

Ok, let’s back up. Something that you should know about the ACE hotel is that it is very HIPSTER. It attracts all the artsy/band peeps. At $160 for a rather small, room with the sink not in the bathroom. I admit I was a bit underwhelmed at first when I walked in an interesting crowd. The place does have a certain hipster charm that grows on you. They have great bath products, the first time in my life I can say I actually noticed a difference in this area. There are lots of little details, like the painting of the owl on our wall or the small speaker system set up to rock out in the room or the sliding wood panel that covers the window instead of a curtain. There are lots of little touches, is pretty basic – a souble bed with no box spring atop a wooden block, a small desk, no closet, no other furniture. But it is fun to make like a hipster rock star for a few nights!

I loved that you could rent scooters and bikes!

Our room had the best little veranda outside with a fireplace. Can you say romantic?

Like I said,the rooms are small but have charm.


After we settled in we got unpacked, bathing suites on, and headed to the pool.

Heaven for hours!



I think you can say I got a shade darker Winking smile


Instead of enjoying a Frozen Margarita (which sound amazing), I sipped on some seltzer water with lime and agave nectar.


I had some veggies and flax crackers as well. After our time at the pool we got all cleaned up and hit downtown for dinner.


We walked around for a bit and then landed on the most hip and modern restaurant called LULU California Bistro.


Best part of this restaurant is that they had not only vegetarian options, they had plenty of gluten free options. I ordered the Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash.



It was absolutely perfect! Did you notice the LAB in the picture above, ya Palm Springs is the most dog friendly place ever!!!


After dinner we came back to the ACE and did a little night swimming. The pool is open till 2am!!!


After our swim we did some girl chat till midnight, by the fire.

Wish I could say I slept in,  but my internal alarm clock had me up nice and early. I brought my gym clothes, just for the occasion. I decided to head to the hotel gym (one of my favorite things about hotels) and did day 15 of Making the Cut. I skipped a lot of the cardio, because I ran 5 miles the day before.


After the gym we all got our suits on and headed out poolside for breakfast. While everyone else enjoyed FRENCH PRESS coffee—>so missing coffee!!! I had some green tea,


The hotel has a ton of VEGAN options, I decided on the tofu scramble with peaches. I also ordered a side of homemade tortillas. I may not  be VEGAN forever, but I may have a new LOVE for tofu scrambles.


Then it was back to soaking up the sun in paradise.





Sad to say goodbye, but we will be back!


On the way home we stopped by Starbucks and I had a Two Moms In the RAW Bar! So delish!


My final stop for the day was to pick up Hubby to go see D’s newest addition to their sweet family, ASHER! He is soooooooo cute!


This shot made my heart melt. Such a natural.


Because I was so tired from the sun and honestly didn’t want to clean anything Hubby and I picked up a couple pizzas from our favorite local pizza joint. I ordered the Gluten Free, Vegan Cheese, and Veggie Pizza. The perfect ending to this wonderful trip!


Sorry for the LONG post. It was such a fun time and now I am ready to get back to reality tomorrow. I have a long week ahead of me and I can’t wait to finish out the CS Challenge and enjoy some wine on Sunday!!!!

p.s. I finally got a new computer!!!!!!!



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