Girls’ Westin “Well-Being” Weekend {Westin}

This past weekend I had the great pleasure to head back out to the Westin Phoenix Downtown for their Well-Being Event plus a little 48 hour girls weekend. The Well-Being event was a brand-wide event that kicked off on March 20, 2014, in recognition of International Happiness and Well-being Day as well as the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Westin invited me to be their fitness expert for the event by leading a fitness stretch and run. I was thrilled at the opportunity!

Of course I had to bring my ladies with me for support! Megan was so sweet to make us all water cups with our initial on them. Winking smile  Each of these ladies mean the world to me!


Girls weekend cups for the win ( 99 Cents Store) !


When we arrived at the Westin Phoenix Downtown, we couldn’t resist enjoying lunch pool side on the roof top. Hello sunny Arizona! I enjoyed the Chipotle Tacos. I loved the aioli sauce. It made the flavors really pop.


When we walked into our beautiful suite, we were greeted with some fun swag from our Westin friends. Shirts for the event and New Balance shoes from Westin’s shoe lending program as well as a basket of yummy goodies to enjoy during our stay. Westin really knows how to make you feel loved! I was super stoked to stay in one of Westin’s Heavenly Beds again. Did you know they sell these beds?!


After freshening up, we headed to the event, which was held in the downstairs parking lot. I love that my friends were there to support me. (Little did they know I was going to make them participate in the 5k fun run.)


The event kicked off with me leading a stretch session before the run.




We did some deep hip openers and leg stretches to get us all warmed up before we took off for the 5k.


I loved all the staff that participated; they were all so friendly and motivated to get a little sweat on!


We did lots of good arm stretches to loosen us up.


Of course we did my all time favorite, the  pigeon pose. Hello hip opener!


After the stretching was over it was time to hit the pavement for a 3 mile fun run through downtown.


Everyone kept a nice easy pace. I got to chat and give tips to folks who were looking into running more in the future and possibly even signing up for a half marathon!



The run was also led by Dave Sobek the Director of Marketing! Go DAVE GO!! He just entered into the New York Marathon lottery and I am rooting for him to get in!



I was so proud of my girlfriends for finishing strong! None of them are big runners. They love to workout but running is just not their thing.


It’s always nice to have an encourager along the course and Westin’s David was so great to be there for them!


After the run we toasted to HEALTH!


We also enjoyed a few healthy snacks. Westin was serving up Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries. The Chef was so kind to share how he cooked their Sweet Potato fries, and I can’t wait to share them with you all!



It wouldn’t be a well-being event without a massage! I was so thankful for the amazing massage treatment that made the day complete.


After we finished the fun event, we headed upstairs and got all dolled up just because!


It was so fun to do each others hairs, nails, makeup and take pics to make sure it was documented! Even though we are all old ladies and really just stayed at the hotel for dinner and chatted until midnight, it was s great excuse to wear high heels.


Like I said we ate at the Westin for dinner at the Province Restaurant. They truly had some pretty amazing food. I enjoyed some red wine and a delicious plate of Cast Iron Salmon: scottish salmon and Gnocchi. We also ordered mussels for the first time and I was in LOVE! How have I never had mussels?! I am sure it was the amazing wine sauce that they were cooked in that really made them yummy.


We also sampled all the yummy desserts, but sadly my camera died so no fun photos!

The next morning we slept in (I was impressed with my internal clock for letting me sleep in) and hit up the GYM!


Because you know you can’t go on a girls weekend with a personal trainer and not expect to get your butt kicked! We did a really awesome GPP workout called Run the Rack! It worked our entire bodies!


After, I rewarded them with a fantastic Province Restaurant  BRUNCH on the poolside patio. Winking smile


We enjoyed one last layout session before we hit the road back to California. Honestly this weekend was exactly what this Mama needed: fitness, food, fun, laughter, and refreshment!


I honestly can not say thank you enough to the Westin Phoenix Downtown for letting me part of this amazing event! We didn’t leave the hotel once, yet we felt like we had the best girls weekend ever! The hotel really does put health at the top of its priority list. The weekend sure did help me to Eat Well, Sleep Well, Play Well,  Move Well and Work Well! We are already planning our next trip back!

Question: When staying at a hotel what is the most important thing for you?


9 responses to “Girls’ Westin “Well-Being” Weekend {Westin}”

  1. What a great weekend!!! I have to confess, I love a good Westin hotel! I’ve been loyal to them since the first time I stayed at the Westin Bayshore with my puppy (she was about 9 weeks). They provided such great service that I’ve been going back to Starwood Properties ever since!!!

    lol That totally just sounded like an ad! 😛

  2. Looks like it was a fun weekend! Westin Heavenly Beds are indeed heavenly. Thought about buying one when we moved.

  3. Katie Brashear Avatar
    Katie Brashear

    Looks like such a fun weekend in downtown Phoenix filled with well-being activities, delicious cuisines and good friends! I’m pleased you joined us at The Westin Phoenix Downtown! #WestinWellBeing

  4. Seriously THE BEST! Even though it was quick, it was totally relaxing and refreshing!! Love you girl and thanks again for bringing us along!

  5. Looks like so much fun! You ladies are gorgeous and inspiring! Westin couldn’t have selected a better representative!

  6. Wow this looks like a great girls weekend full of all the best things!

  7. Looks like fun! Wish you’ll come down to San Diego and do one of these. Btw that pose is the pigeon pose, not penguin.

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      ha! YES! Thanks girl!

  8. What a fun girl’s weekend!!