Grandma’s 63 Young+To-do list be GONE!

Good evening friends I am pleased to announce that my monster to-do list has dwindled down!! I sat down on my desk and knocked out a bunch of projects until my butt went numb!! I worked on bootcamp information a blogger guest post for Danika, two articles for Breathe Magazine, a WWRT check list, and lot’s of cleaning!! I didn’t get the car washed or give myself a pedicure, but there is always tomorrow morning!!!

In between all the checking off I went to my Aunt’s house, which is just around the corner and celebrated my Grandmothers 63rd birthday!! Happy Birthday GRANDMA!!!


Of course we had lot’s of Mexican food, enchiladas, pinot beans, rice and tortillas’. I took a small plate of everything!


I actually only finished half, because I knew my tummy was going to be mad at me for all the cheese I was consuming. There was also some Mexican sweet bread as well as cupcakes.



You all know I don’t like cupcakes so these were not tempting at all, and I am not a big fan of Mexican sweet bread as well. I was actually pretty content with just walking away from it all, where I got this will power I do not know!

When I got home I went straight back to picking up where I left. I had my office to clean as well as my bedroom. I have been meaning to update my “Inspiration Board” and was so excited to post new pics and bib #’s!


I love having a CLEAN desk, I am a little OCD like that! I even got a chance to update some photo’s! This picture was taken in Boston in the back bay, on one of the most famous streets in the U.S.


Alright friends I am hitting the floor to take my tests for the following challenges that I will start tomorrow! I am also going to take my measurements too just for fun!

200 situp challenge

100 push up challenge

200 squat challenge

I decided to add the 200 squat challenge too, what the heck!! Some of you have emailed me about how you can join, just start on it tomorrow and leave comments on how it goes:)

I am excited about tomorrow, I love MONDAYS a fresh new start to the week:)

See you in the morning!


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