Has Taco Bell Gotten Skinny Jeans!?

Alright so I am not in to fast food at all, but this morning on Air One radio station I heard them talking about this new “Fresco Menu” at Taco Bell. It is supposed to be healthy and nutritious, I guess compared to the rest of their food. But is it really OK to eat and you won’t be left with that yucky junk food hang over? I read through the list of their menu and it doesn’t seem half bad, everything has 8 grams of fat or less and about 150-350 calories. But that’s just for one, which doesn’t seem so filling. If you are weight watchers you can eat two Fresco Ranchero Chicken tacos and spend only 6 points, which I hear is great. There is a lot of protein in most of them which is good because I am always trying to find ways to get protein in my diet, but too much sodium! I don’t know I guess if I was placed in a situation where I had to eat fast food and Taco Bell was an option I would at least no some “healthier” options, and it’s pretty cheep. But I am not stopping in any time soon.


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