Have you signed up????

Hi Friends!! Happy Thursday!!!!

Four more days to sign up!!!!

A lot of you have expressed how you would love some kind of summer challenge here at nHerShoes! I know all of you can’t afford the Beachbody challenge and I wish I could personal train you all!!!

So what I have decided to do is host a nHerShoes SUMMER Shred!!! Kind of like my Holiday Shred I hosted back during the Holidays. I know people had a lot of fun and kept the holiday gain weight off! I will also be including fun prizes every week Who would like a personal trainer to get ready for the summer???


Summer Shred

Every year, the average person avoids the pool in fear that they will have to get in a bathing suit! This year, do something about it and don’t be that average person, do the Summer Shred! Why not get in awesome workout with me!!

There will be no hiding under a towel this summer

WHO: Anyone! This challenge will be open to bloggers and readers, family and friends. Anyone who registers before the cut-off date (Now until
The– day before challenge begins).

Dates: May 14-June 11th

Times: Every day you will get a brand new workout that you can do at home, workout will be 20 minutes long.

Location: At your very own home!!

Cost: The cost $30.00 paid through PayPal. The $30.00 covers the cost of the 4 week Shred Workout Plan plus chances to win prizes!!! Each week will feature a prize from one of many great companies that I have grown to love!

What You Can Expect: A high intensity interval training workout. All you will need is 8-10lb free weights and a yoga mat. You will have 5 days per week, with 20 workouts in 30 days!! Every muscle will be worked and an amazing support system to get you through the workouts!! I will also give everyone a clean eating meal plan that will help you stay on track. If you stick to the diet and workouts and you will get toned and lose weight( if that’s your goal).

I know it’s hard for people to get motivated and stick to a plan so I thought I would bring the gym to you!!!


How to sign up: If interested please email me at nhershoes at gmail dot com

Disclaimer: The Workout Plan will not be a completely individualized program. It is different from my other programs and will not provide the same individualization and full 24/7 support, accountability, and personal attention like my Beachbody Challenges. If desiring more individualized training, accountability and support, you may sign up for my Beachbody Challenge or ask me about virtual personal training!

If you have already signed up more info to come soon!!!!!



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