He’s So Sweet He Left Me the Skin

Before I left to teach Kickboxing(I know I was sick today, but I needed to get out) I cooked Hubby his favorite Vinegar Chicken and a baked potato. When I got home, I found this sitting on the counter.

food 103

Yep, that’s the skin off his baked potato!! Isn’t he soooo sweet?!You see that is my favorite part of the potato, the skin. I know I am weird, but I think that my Hubby is amazing for saving it for me!

This morning I realized that I forgot a few things at the market this weekend so after class I swung by TJ’s(which is next to my gym) to pick up a few things. This saved me from having to take another trip later on this week(TSL was on my mind).

food 101 

We were out of Almond Milk and Blueberries, these were essentials. I also saw these Blackberries on sale! I also remembered that I am having Teracita over for a French Toast Breakfast on Wednesday so I got some bread too.

I am sure these will be the star in my OATS  this week!

food 104

Because I hadn’t eaten really anything all day, when I got home I was starved! So I took the skin from Hubby’s potato and topped it with leftover Pot Pie from this weekend. I also had a small piece of homemade Honey Wheat Bread on the side for dipping.

food 112

food 109

Hubby had to go back up the hill to finish some work, so I am going to call it a night and try and get into bed before 10!!!! I have big plans for tomorrow morning, bike ride+track workout+weights!

Thanks everyone for all the well wishes, I feel sooo much better. It’s amazing what one day of rest can do for you!

Night Night


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