Her February “Foodie” Fridge: Meghann

In case you missed last months Feautered “Foodie” Fridge, check it out here, Tina from Carrot’s ‘N’ Cake.

I am featuring 12 healthy fridges, one a month, from some of  our favorite food bloggers.I know you all have wanted to know what our blogger friends are really eating, so I am stopping by to visit them in their kitchens (virtually of course).

Now for our February “Foodie” Fridge, drum roll please…

Meet Meghann from The Inner Workings of A College Graduate. Meghann’s blog is about having a healthy life while working in the real world. She has an amazing story about how she lost the Freshman 15. She is currently training to run the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon in an effort to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.I am so excited for her, this is her first marathon, and she is going to do great! Ok let’s see what’s in this girls fridge!

Bobbi: Hey Meghann thanks so much for letting us take a peek inside your fridge, you are one brave woman!!! You are so creative, with all your meals, and I love how you make the perfect portions for one. You have such a wonderful balance, of healthy foods, but also enjoy the pleasures of some yummy desserts as well. So my first question as always, have you always been a healthy eater? If not what made you start eating healthier?

Meghann: Ha, healthy eating was not something that happened in my house growing up. Our pantry was always stocked with Little Debbies, Cheetos, Cookies, Chips, etc… anything a kid could ask for we had 24/7 access to. I also grew up with a Dad who was an amazing cook, but unfortunately took most of his cues from Paula Dean. He did not believe a dish was a good dish until it was covered in a heavy, mouth watering sauce. I slowly started eating healthier in January ’07 when I made a resolution to kick the junk. It was something slow that developed into an obsession. Now, I can’t think of eating any other way. Now I am just working on my parents who still keep their house stocked with goodies, even though all the kids have moved out of the house.

Bobbi: As I look through your fridge I notice a lot of different kinds of yogurts, what are some of your favorites, and why? I don’t see any milk, are you lactose intolerant?


Megahnn: I’m not lactose intolerant, but I’m also not a milk fan either. I buy those little single serving sizes of milk and they always go bad in my fridge because I only use milk when I bake. I have never been a fan of milk, the thought of it curdling in my stomach gets me every time. So instead of milk I try to incorporate yogurt in my diet as a substitute. I am a BIG fan of yogurt in my cereal, which is something I just discovered a couple of months ago. My favorites are the Greek Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurts on my cereal. Oikos and Chobani are my best friends, but when on a budget crunch I also enjoy the more reasonably priced Stoneyfield Yogurts.

Bobbi: I also see a lot of fruit in your fridge as always, to be expected, because I know that you eat a lot of fruit in your breakfast meals. Is there any fruit that you like better then others, and are there any fruits that you don’t like?

Megahnn:  I LOVE FRUIT!! Its funny my cousin once made a comment on how her Mom never buys fruit because it goes bad in the fridge. And I’m thinking it only goes bad when you don’t eat it and trust me I eat it! Each week I buy pints of Strawberries, Blueberries, & Blackberries as well as bags of Apples, Oranges, Grapes and what ever fruit is also in season. I eat it all, all by myself, in one week! Any berry is obviously my favorite and when they’re in season I eat them every morning. I do have a banana allergy so I can’t have any or I will swell up like a balloon. And though I do love watermelon, I could probably be perfectly fine living my life with out Honeydew or Cantalopes as a part of it.

Bobbi:: I don’t see too many leftovers, do you normally take leftovers to work, or do you not have too many? Also there isn’t a lot of meat in your fridge, are you vegetarian, or just not a big fan?

Megahnn: : Usually my leftovers end up in the freezer. I am not the biggest fan of eating the same thing two days in a row so I freeze it until its appealing again. In the freezer I have Chilis, Soups, Lasaganas and Pastas that make for quick go to meals. Usually when left overs stay in the fridge I turn it into something complete different. Like in a pizza or a wrap of sorts. I don’t refer to myself as a vegetarian, but find buying meat for just me to be so expensive! Usually I will buy chicken when its on sale and use one breast and freeze the rest. Now my freezer is overflowing with chicken! It’s just not something I think about when I’m cooking for one, but every once in a while I will make myself something special.

I love that you included your freezer. I see some leftovers, and ice-cream!!! How do you have such amazing will power? That would be gone in a weekend for me, well and the Hubby. I also see some flour in the freezer; does that give it a longer shelf life?

Megahnn: Way back when I started to lose weight I knew I did not want to give anything up. Dessert and Ice Cream are some of my favorite things in the world, so I made a deal with myself. I told myself I would be allowed to have a dessert every night if I only had a single serving and not go back for extras. If I lost control then the desserts would go away and I would never get to enjoy ice cream again. Over a year later I still have a dessert every night and I lost 30 pounds in the process. It’s all about moderation and with that I find the self control to resist eating the whole container in one weekend. Oh, and the flour in the freezer was something my Dad always did. He would always fill the flour container on the counter and put the left overs in the freezer until it was time to refill again. Is that not normal? LoL It’s funny the habits we pick up from our parents that are normal to us, but strange to others.


Bobbi:Loving all the condiments as well, what would you say is one you just couldn’t live without?

Megahnn: Honey Mustard, hands down. I tried to give it up when I realized it was just sugar infused mustard, but that did not last for long. Honey mustard is always my go-to condiment and a sandwich is not a sandwich without honey mustard. It’s my guilty pleasure. J

Bobbi: Alright girl thanks so much for sharing with all of us. Okay, last question, if you could have any celebrity to cook for whom would it be and why?

Megahnn: : Wow, good question! Hmmm….. would it be wrong to give a superficial answer? I would cook for John Krasinski from The Office. Simply because he is hot and would be fun to goof around with in the kitchen…lol….

Fun Quiz

1. What is Meghann currently training for?
A. Orlando Marathon
B. To be on American Idol
C. SanDiego Rock and Roll Marathon
2.If Meghann could have anybody over for dinner who would it be?
A. Orlando Bloom
B. Bobbi
C. John Krasinski
3. What’s the name of Megahnn’s Dog
A. Spot
B. Abbie
C. Toto


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