Her January Featured “Foodie” Fridge: Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Hey friends I am kicking off a new series called Featured Foodie Fridges! If you have ever read Everyday with Rachel Ray, she does this with Celeb fridges every month. Well I am putting a spin on it. I am featuring 12 healthy fridges out there from our favorite food bloggers.I know you have always wanted to know what they were really eating so I am stopping by to visit them in their kitchens (virtually of course).

January Featured “Foodie” Fridge
-Tina from Carrot’s ‘N’ Cake
January 2009

To kick of the series I interviewed Tina from Carrots ‘N’ Cake, this Boston certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant is letting us take a peek inside her fridge!


Bobbi: Hey, Tina! Thanks for letting us featuredfridgesneak a peak in your fridge. Let me first off tell you how much I love your blog, Carrots ‘N’ Cake! Your
philosophy that even “bad” foods can be eaten in moderation is beautiful! So have you always been a healthy eater?

For the most, yes. My mom has worked at a farm stand/gourmet foods store for as long as I can remember, so growing up, she would always bring home fresh fruits and veggies. I suppose, I’ve always had this healthy foundation. However, not all of the food in our house was that healthy. To be honest, I grew up on TV dinners, Ramen Noodles, Little Debbie snacks, Kraft Mac & Cheese, etc. As I grew older and became more interested in wellness, I figured out how to add more nutritious foods to my diet. Of course, I still love desserts, so I try to balance the “good” and the “bad” in my diet everyday.

B: WOW, T.V. dinners, and now Tofu in your salads! You’re such a beautiful women; you’ve definitely got that healthy glow. I noticed you have several different types of milk in your fridge, is this preference, or an allergy?
T: I try to avoid regular milk because it wrecks havoc on my skin. (I tend to break out if I drink too much.) I generally like the taste of soy milk better, especially in coffee, and Mal is a huge fan of chocolate soy milk.

B: I still have yet to try chocolate soy, I need to pick some up soon. I also notice a lot of condiments in your fridge, if you could choose one which one would you say you couldn’t live without?

T: I do love my condiments! I probably couldn’t live without buffalo sauce!

B: Buffalo sauce, wow that’s sounds yummy! Also see you have some Tupper wear in your fridge, do you guys tend to eat leftovers for dinner? My hubby is not a big fan of reheated food, but I love it!

T: We eat leftovers quite often. Growing up, my family was very poor, so wasting food was not option. It still kills me to throw out food. We try our hardest not to let anything go to waste. I’ll often plan my meals around produce that is about to go bad. featuredfridgetina8

B: I too HATE throwing away food too! I love all the veggies and fruit in your fridge; do your vegetables usually get eaten before they go bad? Do you buy them at the market or a local Farmers Market? Do you have fruit and veggies with every meal?

T: Food rarely goes to waste in our house. We only buy what we think we will eat within a week or so. During the colder months, we buy produce at the grocery store, but in the warmer months, when Farmer’s Markets are abundant, we tend to shop there. I try to have at least 1 fruit or veggie with each meal– more if possible!


B: I bet the FM is wonderful in Boston in the summer. Alright I know that you cook a lot for your hubby Mal and you, does Mel like eating healthy as well? Does he like to cook?

T: Yep, Mal is generally a healthy eater, and his diet has improved immensely since we moved in together three years ago. I guess I’m a good influence! 😉 Mal still likes fast food and potato chips, but he tries to limit them as much as possible. Mal does like to cook! If meat is on the menu, he takes over! He’s also an expert pancake maker!

B:How sweet, I love it when the MEN can cook! Okay, last question. If you could have any chef cook dinner for you and Mel who would it be?

: Any chef who makes a divine chocolate bread pudding! It’s my FAVORITE dessert… in addition to carrot cake! 🙂

Fun Quiz

1. What is Tina’s philosophy about life?
A. Eat whatever you want just exercise more
B. Don’t eat dessert
C. It’s all about balance
2.If Tina could have any chef cook dinner who would it be?
A. Rachel Ray
B. Paula Dean
C. Any chef who makes a divine chocolate bread pudding
3. What’s the name of Tina’s hubby?
A. Steve
B. Mike
C. Mal


P.S. Just to let you all know, I am not pregnant and thanks for all the well wishes my tummy is almost back to normal!!!! Off to class:)


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