Holiday Meals Made Simple + Giveaway

With the Holidays in full swing around here, I have to really be careful not to over do it! I love love love shopping for others, cooking, baking and getting in the holiday spirit but at the same time I desperately want to find balance in it all. This year is going to be extra special with baby RJ in our family and I want to SOAK up each sweet moment.

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick of the Holiday season then to have a “Friendsgiving” dinner with Fresh and Easy’s Holiday Box preview! Have you heard of these boxes? They are pretty much liquid gold! All you have to do is go online, select your choice of meat, three sides, and you get a full pumpkin pie all for 8 people and under $65! We gave it a little test run before Thanksgiving rolls around.

[Disclaimer: Fresh and Easy sent me a gift card to try one of their Holiday Boxes, but, as always, the thoughts and opinions expressed on NHS are honest and all my own.]

I picked up my box filled with goodies on Friday!


Love that Fresh and Easy makes everything super fresh without artificial ingredients, so it as though I made it myself! All I had to do is stick everything in the oven, no cooking required = no mess!


Here is what I chose in my Holiday Box:Beef Rib Roast Dinner, mashed sweet potatoes 32 oz. apple cranberry stuffing 26 oz.and brussels sprouts with bacon 24 oz. It also came with gravy and I picked up some Hawaiian rolls.


I just love entertaining!


I also picked up a few bottles of wine and sparkling water. Everyone loved EVERYTHING! Even those who don’t normally like sweet potato’s loved them! We played games and enjoyed laughing together and then dug into the delicious pumpkin pie!!!!


If you have a Fresh and Easy near you I encourage you to pick up a Holiday BOX this year! We will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year and will be picking up two boxes and the no stress of it all makes me HAPPY!

Speaking of the Holiday Season and EATING, tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the HOLIDAY SHRED! You don’t want to miss out on a fun way to stay healthy and happy through the holiday season! If you have already signed up you will get your official welcome email Wednesday November 13th!



Well friends I finish this fun Holiday post with an AWESOME GIVE-AWAY from Fresh and Easy!!! Who want’s to win a $50 Fresh & Easy gift card???? Well now is your chance!

How to Enter: Leave me a comment about what you love about Fresh and Easy?

Give-Away will end Friday November 15th 12am PST.


44 responses to “Holiday Meals Made Simple + Giveaway”

  1. Love that Fresh & Easy has pre packaged meals. So great for my family!

  2. I love their bread!

  3. Fresh and Easy sounds like it would make a Friday-night dinner party possible. Usually it takes me way too long to get everything ready for a meal on a week night!

  4. What I love about Fresh & Easy is how they not only have affordable prices, but they constantly have amazing deals and coupons and the best grocery rewards program I have ever had the honor of being a part of. I also love their fresh produce and wonderfully healthy selections that never skimp on flavor. I love the food at fresh & easy, and I’m so glad you did this review, I’ve never tried their holiday meal box but you can bet that after this I’m going to order one to try for myself this Thanksgiving. Thanks for the detailed and picture filled review 😀

  5. I love that it is super convenient and that it is so fresh!! 🙂

  6. Fresh N easy offers great and healthy solutions when you are too busy to cook

  7. Hi Bobbi. 😉

    What I love about Fresh and Easy is that it’s fresh…and easy!! You can make great choices in eating healthy without the extra additives and it’s all put together for you for a great price!

  8. Super convenient! I have two babies under two 🙂 oh and my third child, the husband 😉 I would much rather spend that extra time with them!! Love this!

  9. I have 7 children….enough said!!!

  10. While I love the “fresh” part of their meals, the most appealing part to me now is the “easy”! With a newborn I have no time for healthy cooking so love options like this that don’t break the bank!

  11. I’ve never tried Fresh and Easy but I love that it is healthy meals with all natural ingredients!

  12. I love their huge selection of fruits and veggies!

  13. Hannah M. Avatar
    Hannah M.

    It would have to be the price! Normally, food like that is crazy expensive, so knowing you can get good food at a great price is really refreshing!

  14. Their prepared meals are awesome!

  15. I love that Fresh n Easy shows that you can eat healthy for a good price. All too often people use the reasoning that its cheaper to eat unhealthy food. Fresh n Easy shows that you can eat healthy at a cheap price for delicious food!

  16. Love the wide variety!

  17. I LOVE fresh & easy’s fresh salsa! I could seriously drink the stuff! They also have a great selection of frozen fruits and veggies, perfect for mixing into smoothies 🙂

  18. I have three kids and I love picking up their already prepared items for meals. They really like the pizzas and the pot pie.

  19. The no artificial ingredients is a big seller for me! 🙂

  20. I love that I can go into the store and they’ll always have what I need, especially the fruit and vegetables – always fresh and tastes delicious!

  21. Cellabella Avatar

    I’ve never been to a Fresh and Easy but have always heard good things about it. There’s one a few miles from us and I’d love to try it out!

  22. Love Fresh & Easy because of their pre-made options – good, healthy food for families who don’t have a ton of time!

  23. I love Fresh and Easy because it’s walking distance from our apartment! I feel like I’m doing my body double good getting a walk in as well as buying healthy affordable food!

  24. Super affordable and great options

  25. I love that there are no artificial ingredients and that it’s fast and easy!

  26. Love the vegan options

  27. Oh I love Fresh and Easy. Their food is delicious and I especially love the clearance section. Great food at even better prices!

  28. Amber Hicks Avatar
    Amber Hicks

    I love that it is easier to find healthy food than at the regular store. With the regular coupons that they provide, I feel like I can get healthier items without my food budget going way up!

  29. this sounds so convenient!

  30. I love that you would be able to spend time with your family instead of being in the kitchen cooking the entire day.

  31. I am cooking for the future in-laws this year. EEK!! Fresh and Easy would make it a lot easier!!!

  32. I love that they are fresh and quick! I always need a go to healthy meal around the house when I don’t have another option! LOVE this concept!!

  33. My favorite aspect of Fresh & Easy (besides their great deals and fresh food) is their commitment to be Green! It’s definitely a priority of theirs to create a better future not only by providing fresh produce and ingredients for a healthy lifestyle but by lessening their environmental footprint as well! Kudos to Fresh & Easy!

  34. Mica Kucera Avatar
    Mica Kucera

    Fresh and Easy is amazing! We don’t have one up here, but I know my family would benefit from it this holiday season!

  35. Debbie A. Avatar
    Debbie A.

    I live near DC and don’t have a Fresh and Easy, but my father lives in Redlands and we go when I’m in town and he shops there often. What i love about it is that everything is ready to go and very healthy. its a no-brainer for healthy eating. My father is a retired veteran (on a fixed income) so if I win the card I would send it to him.

  36. Wow, what could be simpler and healthier for the holidays!?! Fresh and Easy sounds like an awesome solution to keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying the holidays and your guests!

  37. I live right by a Fresh & Easy and I love that their food is super fresh and uses real food – just like I’d do myself if I had more time (full time work + part time MBA program = sometimes a little too busy to get it all done) 🙂

  38. Allison Brown Avatar
    Allison Brown

    I love that there’s no cooking required! I’m a college student who loves the convenience of Fresh and Easy:)

  39. Fresh & Easy always has great meals that I can eat on the go! I am a busy graduate student and I love that I can stop by the Fresh & Easy Express right down the street from USC and get a healthy, delicious meal in an instant! Eating right is hard while in graduate school and Fresh & East has been my savior!

  40. Donna Porter Avatar
    Donna Porter

    I love Fresh and Easy because I’m a super busy mom of three teenagers! Fresh and Easy allows me to provide a healthy (and EASY) dinner and helps me get everyone around the table. Despite how busy we get with activities, school, and work, we always take time to sit down to dinner. It’s our recharge and catch up time! Fresh and Easy makes it possible!!

  41. Love their prices and the convenience!

  42. The fresh ingredients, great prices, and small-town feel are what I live about Fresh & Easy!!

  43. No mess! Means I can spend my time with family & friends instead of in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up! What a great idea! Love this!

  44. Fresh and Easy sounds like the perfect option for our very busy family…between work, sports, homework,….life…..we don’t often have a chance to sit down to what looks like a very family friendly option!!!!