How do you wear your sports bra?

Society is always focusing on women with big boobs, but I think the sports bra companys forgot about us! Until now.

I know that woman need to be wearing a good bra and not a CHEAP one. Your boobs are too important for you to be tossing around. A good sports bra is just as important as a good pair of running shoes as it protects one’s breasts. The wrong sports bra can get in the way of exercise and may even be a threat to one’s health, which may lead to all kinds of problems like the dreaded Cooper’s droop, a condition where the connective tissue strands in the breasts called Cooper’s ligaments will be irretrievably stretched and will lead to permanent sagging of the breasts with continuous exercising.
Finding one that keeps the girls up without giving me one big, massive “uniboob” is a challenge, sorry TMI. As a runner I am always worried about my little guys, I don’t want them to be sagging low when I am 30 because of how bad I have treated them. So my mission was to find a great sports support bra for me! Recently I had the privilege of trying one of CW-X Firm Support Bra . Now my world will never be the same.

What a wonderful and comfortable bra. Not only do I feel like everything is held in and supported I don’t feel anything pinching. I love how sleek the lining is so it doesn’t press in at the bottom band. CW-X Firm Support Bra is the ultimate versatile sports bra. I wore it in my 5k race last weekend, and I felt like I was a size A, well maybe that’s a little extreme, but I didn’t feel anything moving so that made my run quick and smooth. I give this bra and A+ and I will be buying more!

Here’s what others had to say about the CWX-Firm Support Bras:
“With my CW-X Firm Support Bra, I feel like I can really go the distance! The snug fit was awkward at first, but once I wore it for a few hours, I realized it helped pull my posture straighter and took the strain from my chest and shoulders.”
“I love this bra! I am larger breasted and I always struggle to find a bra that keeps me supported while doing high intensity sports. This bra is one of the best bras that I’ve ever worn. Plus, the material is fantastic in wicking away any perspiration.”
What sports bras do you guys love? Some of my friends say they wear two at a time?! Is this really necessary?


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