Hubby+Pizza+Wine+Law&Order+Baseball=the perfect Saturday evening.


I think I made one of the best Pizza’s ever! I grilled together mushrooms, onions and tofu before baking them on top of my pizza. I also put Country Bob’s BBQ sauce on my pizza instead of marinara and mixed in goat cheese into the BBQ sauce, this combination was a party in my mouth!!!!



I also added fresh tomatoes, a small SWEET POTATO, and spinach.


The caramelized onion and grilled sweet potato WAS PERFECT!! Who knew that sweet potatoes would be a big hit on pizza!!


I have been eying the Oatmeal & Banana Pancake recipe in my of Clean Eating Magazine all week, I knew that Sunday would be the perfect morning to make them!

food 031

The batter was the perfect amount of texture even though I cut this recipe in half. I am always worried about cutting recipes in half, but it worked perfectly.

food 026

While I cooked I made some DD coffee in my French Press, and sipped on it to wake me up a little.

food 028 

I made small dollar sized pancakes that way I could feel like I was eating more:) Hubby got me this Wild Wild West plate for my birthday isn’t is adorable?? I topped my pancakes with Naturally More PB, and maple syrup. These were the best pancakes I have ever made and so HEALTHY! For all three of these pancakes it was a total of 200 calories+1 tbsp of Naturally More Pb(55 calories)+Syrup(30 calories)=285!

food 033

I had some fresh juicy and sweet strawberries on the side, the 4 pound bag is still going! 

food 034

Sunday morning breaky for one, I am letting Hubby sleep in.

food 039 

TSL Challenge Update

Saturday Points:

3 points for eating all meals at home
1  point riding bike to Spring Carnival
1 point riding bike to bike shop for a new bike lock
1 point for riding my bike to the market
1 point for starting my compost (will be posting about a compost set up on Monday)

Total: 7 points!

TSL Update

I have added a new rule to the challenge to keep you all accountable and motivated. Anytime you eat out during the challenge you have to take away 5 POINTS!!! That’s right you can get negative points, I am hoping this helps us all keep from the temptation. How is the weekend going for all you TSL participants, I am sure it wasn’t easy???

Yesterday I drooled over all the beautiful bikes at the bike shop,one day, one day.


We have Church this morning then off to play Ultimate Frisbee with friends at the park!!! I am so glad I can play again, I don’t have to worry about injuring myself. Ultimate Frisbee is such an amazing workout, I bet I burn like 500 calories in the hour that we play. I am trying to convince the Hubby to ride his bike with me to the park, let’s hope he agrees.

Have a RESTFUL Sunday!  

P.S. Check out my April Featured Fridge!


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