I’ll Make You Famous!

Tonight’s BBQ was just what I needed. After a long morning, I just wanted someone to cook for me(thanks Carly) and a beer. I love my new friends.


It was the perfect temp to just sit out on the front lawn and chilax.


While the chef was hard at work, we all chatted during our fancy “cocktail hour”. Which included watermelon,veggies, and Hawaiian Kettle Chips!


My lovely plate, as you can see Evan is in the background, he really wanted to make the blog and I told him I would make him famous tonight, say hello to Evan!!

2 Carly the GRILL MASTER!!! I brought salmon, it was AMAZING!!!



While waiting I had piece of watermelon, it made me feel like it was summer already!! I love Sandra’s straw, I gotta get one of those!!


The Spread, everything looked so great!


Look, there is Evan again…He’s so funny!!!


My GINORMOUS plate, I wasn’t even that hungry, but everything looked sooo colorful and I just needed to eat it! My salmon turned out great, I marinated it in honey, lemon, and olive oil. I also made some veggie skewers, aren’t that pretty?! And who has tried the Tostitos Lime Chips, what a treat!


To finish the night, I had a big girl healthy sized brownie(Carly I need the recipe!!!) and some vanilla ice-cream. These brownies were the best brownies I have ever had. Carly made them from scratch, yep, no boxed brownies here.


Well I have been up since 3am so I am going to call it a night. I am pretty darn satisfied for the day and am going to try and rise and do some Sunday morning Yoga before Church.

Goodnight Peeps, see you in the morning!


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