I am Gonna Soak Up the Sun…

I don’t think we could have had better weather today. The sun was out, and the company was wonderful. We have some friends that rented a beach house and invited us to come over for the BBQ for the day. It ended up being about 8 couples, and A LOT of cute babies🙂



Hubby will make such a HOT daddy🙂


We got to see a dead Whale, it was kind of sad:( FREE WILLY! Look close he is in the background…


Hubby being the adorable creature that he is!


My semi-healthy plate of goodness:) Those chips and bread I brought from home. Does this label me as a food snob?!


We all took a stroll down to Sbux, we looked like a parade with all the strollers we had!


I tried a Coffee Light Frappacino, DID NOT LIKE AT ALL!!! I will stick to the regular coffee.


It’s late, I am tired and I am sad spring break is over, but ready to get back to my healthy routine of life! Isn’t it funny how after a vacation, sometimes you feel like you need another one to recover from all the busyness?!

Don’t forget about Meghann’s Blogger Bake Sale tomorrow at 11 am, Monday, April 6th. There are some amazing goodies available including my NHERSHOES Power Bars. Don’t miss out!

Night Night


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