I Don’t Want to Leave Boston!

I love Boston, what a charming and delightful city to visit! We have had such an amazing time here and I am sad we have to leave tomorrow. Today we had a full day of sight seeing and our share of great eats. I first started the day off with a wonderful one hour massage at Bella Sante on Newberry street, it was so needed and well worth it.


After my wonderful massage I headed over to Sonsie, after I saw Tina’s review I knew I had to check this place out! I had planned to have a blogger meet-up there, but everyone had to work except for Shannon for Tri to Cook!!! I was so glad she joined Hubby and I, it was such a pleasure meeting her, she is such a doll, and I am so glad we got to meet up! Sad we forgot to take a picture, we just were too busy chatting away!


I ordered the Goat Cheese Pizza, and ate the whole thing! Yes it was that amazing. I loved the yummy baked crust. While I loved the pizza toppings, the crust was the best part of the pizza for me!


She was kind enough to walk us over to Lulemon, they had one right down town and I just had to stop in. I love this saying!


She also walked us down to Fenway Park where we had a nice tour of the stadium, I loved all the history and facts about the Red Sox. There is so many things I didn’t know about them, like did you know that they have the two shortest homerun foul poles in baseball, all because of how they had to build the stadium?! Sorry that’s the baseball nerd fanatic in me coming out.

boston09 085

boston09 114

I was trying to get us to bat like the ball players, Hubby was confused?

boston09 115

I loved the public transportation system here, I wish we could have one of these at home!!! We became pros by the end of the day:)


After our baseball adventure we headed out over to the Science Center for a Boston Duck Tour around the city. It was so neat, the two drivers were hilarious they were fully of neat little facts and stories to tell us all about the city, like did you know that Paul Revere didn’t really finished the midnight ride?? Hubby even got to drive the tour too!!!

boston09 123boston09 122 

After the tour we took the T, to Harvard Square and had a superb dinner at Grafton Street Pub & Grill. The atmosphere was so classy yet casual. I started off dinner with a glass of Honey Wheat Ale, and some bread:)


For the main course Hubby and I decided to split one of their Angus burgers, and firestone Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza’s( I had 1/2 the burger and two slices of pizza minus the ham).I loved the burger, and the pineapple on the pizza was huge and super sweet.


I also had this salad on the side as well. I love the way the pizza was on this long pita like crust, I feel like I have had my pizza fix for the next month!! This was my 4th time having pizza in 5 days!


We couldn’t finish the night without some Froyo from J.P. Licks of course, I don’t’ think I could truly be on vacation without dessert:) I went with a small Cookies and Cream frozen yogurt which tasted like a Frosty from Wendy’s!


I wanted to say THANKYOU for all the wonderful and kind comments about my Boston Marathon Experience, you all encourage me and inspire me to work hard and NEVER give-up!

We are leaving early in the morning to head out to Philly for the rest of the week, I will be catching up on what’s been going on in the blog world on our five hour trip down there!

Night Peeps!


P.S. Don’t forget about my Birthday Give-Away keep those challenge ideas coming!!!!


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