{Introducing} Soul Shred 2015

Well friends, I am so excited to announce NHS’s very first Soul Shred.

This has been such a sweet labor of love for me and the team. If you have done one of my other Shreds in the past, you know that my greatest desire is for you to walk away taking all that you have learned and applying it to your everyday life for a lifetime.

I don’t like the word “diet” and I am not a huge fan of the scale. I believe in NON SCALE VICTORIES and not letting the scale determine your triumphs. I am not gonna lie, losing a few inches and dropping a few pounds always feels amazing, but at the end of the day, being ‘skinny’ is not where we should find our TRUE JOY!

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This is where the SOUL SHRED is like no other Shred I have ever done before. This Shred is is designed for people looking to connect overall health and fitness to their relationships with Christ. Those who are looking to find freedom from what the world says about health, beauty and fitness by becoming faithful stewards of the temples He has given each and everyone of us.

It is also my first At-Your-Own-Pace Shred (minus the Launch, but I’ll explain more at the end) where you can purchase and start this devotional shred whenever you want! It’s going to be available 365 days!


This is a FOUR WEEK devotional shred with THREE SECTIONS for each week that will guide you through your Quiet Time / Holy Hour / One-on-One Time or whatever you would like to call it.

SECTION ONE: God’s Word {Soul}
You will spend time in God’s Word as you will be lead through a particular passage of Scripture.

SECTION TWO: Interactive {Mind}
We will go through some questions, application and prayer. Each week has been purposefully crafted by one of four incredible women of God who had this Shred in mind when they wrote their study.

SECTION THREE: Workouts {Body}
This is where we will get our sweat on with 20 minutes of H.I.I.T. workouts, which all can be done at home. These workouts are shorter in time than the normal NHS Shreds, but that’s because this Shred is designed to encompass THREE aspects of working out… MIND, BODY & SOUL!



I am including a four-week optional challenge in the back of the journal called THE CLEAN 30, which will include what foods to avoid for the four weeks. You will consume only the most natural, God-created, nutrient dense foods. Like I always say, 80% of what you look and feel like is contributed by what you put in your body.

I have also included a sample Meal Plan as a guide.

I have partnered up with four lovely ladies who will share their hearts with you through devotions and videos each week as you process all that you are learning through the Shred.

There will be an optional secret Facebook group where we will fellowship together as a community of Soul Sisters.

Our desire for this entire Soul Shred is to help guide you to becoming more disciplined in reading Scripture, more in-tune to what God has to teach you, and, of course, more physical active!

Even though this Shred is an At-Your-Own-Pace devotional shred, I wanted to make the launch of this new series a fun, one-time event that can help kickoff the new community of Soul Sisters!

We are taking PRE-ORDERS now thru Friday, March 13th.

On Sunday, March 15, all those who had purchased via pre-order will be invited to be a part of the launch of the Soul Shred and a part of an exciting community who are able to take on this devotional shred with myself and all of the incredible contributors who sought God’s Wisdom when helping with the weekly devotions.


You can receive the Soul Shred E-Book (no paper, PDF) by CLICKING HERE for $15.

You can receive the Soul Shred Soft Copy (7 x 7 soft, staple bound) by CLICKING HERE for $24. This will be shipped to your home in early March for those who pre-order.


9 responses to “{Introducing} Soul Shred 2015”

  1. Just received my hard copy in the mail. I am so excited to begin this journey. Thank you so much for getting to me in Canada on time.

  2. Hey! Super excited about getting started. So, I bought the ebook a few days ago and wanted to make sure I was not missing something. Will I get an email on the 15th with the download? or was I supposed to get something at the time of payment?


  3. Tori Kinsler Avatar
    Tori Kinsler

    Am interested in the soul shred and m not able to order the ebook. Help please!?:)

  4. Alex Waller Avatar
    Alex Waller

    I got the pdf version. Was I supposed to get something right away or will I get an email around the time of the launch with it? It probably told me somewhere and I missed it.

  5. Just purchased mine! Cannot wait 🙂

  6. Reina Floyd Avatar
    Reina Floyd

    Got paid yesterday and ordering today!!! This is coming out at simply the perfect time for me. God is so good. I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness. Thank you for stepping out in faith and answering His call, Bobbi!

  7. SO EXCITED! Just went ahead and bought the book! I SO NEED this right now!

  8. come on payday! Or… I should say, come on hubby’s payday! Excited for this! You inspire me! Keep being amazing!

  9. Hi Bobbie,

    This sounds amazing! Congratulations on such an incredible project and opportunity to share Christ through healthy living with so many people. I am someone who strives to live a healthy lifestyle and love to share and help others do the same. I’ve always dreamed of of doing something like this but have never really known how. I’m so excited that you are doing this! I pray that this is an incredible life changing journey for so many.

    I have a quick question. Will the workouts be video or a write up of the workout itself? I have a couple friends who I think would really benefit from this (including myself).

    Thank you again for putting this into motion.

    your sister in Christ