It’s Christmas Already in this Casa!

T’was the week before Christmas Eve..

ONLY ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! I am so excited. I think I am most excited because I love seeing all of my family come together and celebrate together, just thinking about how much I love all of them makes me smile.

Today was super busy at work and my eats were pretty good, another salad and butternut squash soup combo, but then the DEVIL (Evan) came into the office and brought HUGE yummy chocolate cookies and this girl could not resist, no pics forgot my camera today!!!!

Tonight I taught kickboxing again, third time this week. Only three people showed up to class. It doesn’t surprise me, class attendance is really low around the Holidays even though it should be PACKED! It was nice though because I got to mix up the workout like crazy. We did bags+sit-ups+pushups+million squats+running+jumping+burpees, the whole bit.

Two hours before class I ate this…

bobbi 207

One hour after class I ate this..

bobbi 208

This was my first time going through a drive through on my own in at least a YEAR!!! I ordered a chicken sandwich on wheat, Holy AMAZING! I ate it in the car, no pic because I was driving.

When I got home I had a bite of Melissa’s delicious bars, girl you need to send me the recipe!!!

bobbi 209

When I walked into the hallway look what I found?!

bobbi 210

Foodbuzz contacted me a couple days ago to let me know I won a raffle they were having (what?!) and I won a Breville !!! Ok I feel like it is Christmas already 🙂 Thank you FOODBUZZ!!!

bobbi 211

I have been dying to try juicing! Now I am going to need to find some great juicing combinations, anyone got any??? I know Erin does!

I am pooped going to try and sleep without coughing through out the night!!!!

Night Peeps!


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