It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas…


Fridays are so much fun and crazy at school. There is always some party or event to put on, or some holiday to celebrate. This Friday we celebrated December Birthdays and made gingerbread cookies for all the children to decorate. As this was my first attempt at making gingerbread I believe it was a success!

Check out all the fun pics:

I also played a game of basket ball with my students after school, that’s ONE more point for the HBBC. I am telling you this challenge has seriously got my bootie moving. I normally would have turned down a game of basketball because I had to go out after, but I wanted to get that last exercise in for the day!

After work I made a quick dinner before we headed downtown for a Christmas Concert. I cooked up some chicken, and KALE. This was my new thing or the day. It was really easy to make I don’t know why it took me so long to try it. I will be making it again but I must find some great recipes. Does anyone have any great health cookbooks they suggest for gifts??

The Christmas Concert was beautiful. The choir was amazing, and there was even a couple songs that we got to join in on, MAN I LOVE this time of year! After the concert we decided to grab some TCBY and drive around and looks at Christmas lights. My brothers were with us, so it made for a great FAMILY event. I wanted the Pumpkin Soft Serve Yogurt but they were OUT! So I settled for some butter pecan and added a little reaces pieces on top, mmmm my TREAT for the weekend!

Hubby wants to do a blog about some of the housed we saw last night, there were some pretty SAD looking ones out there.

Woke up to a little bit of gloom this Saturday morning check out this forecast for the week:

It’s finally beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

This morning I am going to AKB and then hubby and I are going out to a great Outlet Mall to finish up our Christmas shopping. Oh and I didn’t get to cook that roast last night because I FORGOT to take it out of the freezer so I am going to slow cook it all day so that when we get home from shopping, dinner will be ready! When we get home later I am also baking for a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party I am going to tomorrow, DO YOU HAVE ANY GREAT COOKIE RECIPES?! I would love my cookies to be a HIT! lol…

Have a productive Saturday peeps, try something NEW today!


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