Let’s Revisit Those NY Resolutions!

I ate so much fruit today and not enough veggies, good thing I had my Green Monster this morning! For my midmorning snack I had some yogurt and strawberries, a wonderful combination!


For lunch I brought to school the last of my Turkey Chili. I ate with some wonderful ww pita bread for dipping!


With more FRUIT, apple slices, cantaloupe and a little fruit dip.


Then for my mid afternoon snack instead of having an ice-cream sundae(it was our childcare party), I made another bowl of fruit with PB! MMMM…


Some how I did manage to have a Non-Fat Misto somewhere in there!


Well I guess that means a GIANT SALAD will be calling my name for dinner!

It was great to hear how all of you did on your initial tests of the pushup,situp, and squat challenges! Hubby is going to do it with me, this should be fun:)

Tonight I wanted to reflect just a little on my New Years resolutions seeing as we are half way through the year and I only have one more week of school!!!



  • Run at least a 10k, 15k, Half Marathon, or Sprint Triathlon every other month.  January(10k) February(1/2 marathon) April(Boston Marathon)May( SDRNR)June(Fontana half)
  • Run a 19:30 5k, and a 40:30 10k(still working on this one) 
  • Train hard and smart for the Boston Marathon
  • Stay injury free buy adding more yoga and stretching daily
  • Do at least 2 or more days of weight training a week/kettle bells
  • Buy a Road Bike
  • Stay in Shape


  • Get an A in Anatomy and Physiology this year ( decided to go another route)
  • Read at least one book a month, I have read only 2 books this year, SO NEED TO DO THIS MORE!
  • Memorize more scripture, THIS ONE TOO!!!


  • Read Bible Daily, Working on it!
  • Pray more, Everyday!
  • Journal again OOPS I forgot about this one!
  • Have more time to be still, I AM TRYING!
  • Spend more time with the people I love. This one I feel good about!


  • Save more spend less (one I try all the time)
  • Save for Boston trip
  • Save for Bike


  • Finish with in A in A&PI and II, and Chemistry. Get Personal Trainers License
  • Start Masters Program in Fall Get Nutrition Certificate
  • Focus in where I want to be( God is GOOD
  • Sign on at least 5 more families to Need-A-Sitter I decided to let it be for the moment, don’t want to get overwhelmed!
  • Hire at least 5 more sitters for Need-A-Sitter

Man I need to really work on the Spiritual and Mental goals! With this Bootcamp that I am doing, there is a devotional that comes with it, so i hope that it will help me to be in the Word daily, journal and memorize more scripture. I need to start reading more books as well, do you guys have any suggestions??

At the beginning of the year I was planning on going to get my Master’s Degree to become and R.D., but I decided to get my personal training and nutrition license instead, which I plan on doing over the summer! I am still working on saving up for a road bike, and would love to have a “true savings account”.

I do plan on running a couple 5k’s and 10k’s this summer, so hopefully I can break my PR’s! If I don’t it’s no big deal but I like having a goal in mind to push me through.

Have you reviewed your New Year Resolutions? How are doing?!


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