Let’s Try This Again

Hi friends! It has been one busy Monday. I wrote this beautiful post about our Pizza Dinner last night and somehow it never posted!!! RRR!!

I only have a few minutes so I shall share with you the highlights.

All the lovelie toppings!

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Tofu for me! 

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Hubby did a great job at the Whole Wheat Pie Crust!

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Each person had their own pizza to create! The Eatons are too cute 🙂

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Matt loved playing with his food!

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My creation! 

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Liz brought the most beautiful salad!

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In the oven they went. 

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We enjoyed some Barefoot Cab, not too bad for the price.

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I enjoyed three wonderful pieces of pizza and lots of salad!  

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For dessert I threw together an easy peach cobbler!

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What a fun and relaxing evening with friends, the only down time I am going to have ALL WEEK!

This week is going to be one of the CRAZIEST weeks of my life!!!

  • Monday-AD Meeting for Fall Sports Awards
  • Tuesday-Winter Sports Meeting+ Truth Project 
  • Wednesday Teach Kickboxing+ Have Coffee with a friends
  • Thursday- Thursday Night Group
  • Friday-Decorate for Christmas
  • Saturday- 13 mile run + Thanksgiving Dinner with the Fam
  • Saturday Evening-Wedding!
  • Sunday- 10k race+ Leave for Work Retreat in Santa Barbara

My goal this week is to not get STRESSED, to take each thing one step at a time. I know that I will have to remind myself over and over to be still.

How’s your week started out???


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