Make a Difference Monday & More

Make a difference Monday….

Well seeing that I was home sick today, I wasn’t around anyone but the hubby and Bosco. So I decided to write a few friends some thank you cards just because. I hope that you all have thought about making a difference today, and if you haven’t there is always tomorrow.

Today was unproductive and productive. Productive in the sense that I caught up on Need-A-Sitter finances, reading, blogs, and getting my meal and workout plan down for the week. Unproductive because I didn’t go to work or exercise:( I am feeling ALOT better now and will be back to the grind tomorrow morning, nice and early! I think that sometimes if I don’t slow down my body forces me to do it all by itself…lol…

So here’s the workout plan for the week is:

Tuesday: 5am spin class and weights
5:3opm hour kickboxing
Wednesday: 6am 40 minute run
Thursday: 5 am spin class, weights
5:3opm hour kickboxing
Friday: 6am 40 minute run & Yoga at home
Saturday: am coed softball
Sunday:10k Mission Inn Race & softball at nigh

Tonight I made the most delicious dinner, hubby loved it. It was kind of nice to be able to cook something tonight. I wanted to use a lot of food that was already here in the pantry, kinda of trying to follow Kath’s lead on the November challenge. We had Lots of beans,corn,turkey meat…yep I made chili. But not just any chili…
Turkey Chili Cheese Sweet Potato Fries!!!

I loved the sweetness of the sweet potato(the plain potato is hubbys) and with the spice in the chili.

Tonight I was in the mood for baking so I made Jenna’s recipe for whole wheat banana bread, yummy and easy!

It is even better with some pumpkin butter!!!

Battle of the Yogurts!!!!!
Sense I got all of these wonderful yogurts at WF I thought I would have fun to hash it out with them all. So everyday this week I am going to try a new one and let you all know how it goes….
So today I tried Wild Wood Organics Strawberry Probitoic Soy Yogurt. It was really good 150 calories, and 5 grams of protein. Not as much protein in it as some other yogurts, so not sure I would stick with this one. Has anyone else tried it? What did you think?

Well friends I am going to watch a little Friends, and then hit the hay! I have an early morning ahead, and I get to VOTE!!!! YEAH! Goodnight.


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