{Mama Diaries} Adoption

I have waited an entire year to write this.

It is the conclusion to Rylee-Joy’s adoption story. We share this with you all for one reason and on reason only, it is to give hope where hope is needed. We have struggled with infertility for over three years now and know the pain that so many others are going through or have gone through. However, we also know the ‘joy’ of adoption and how it has brought us hope and peace like no other.

We have always wanted to adopt, but just didn’t know the plans that God had for us would be to adopt first. Will we ever “birth” biological children… only God know, but we share with you today, in hopes that you will see God’s grace and perfect plan in the journey that He has blessed us with.

Grab a cup of Joe and let us unfold God’s story…


Thursday, September 5, 2013: We received a phone call that started to prepare us for parenthood.

I received a phone call from our social worker about a sibling set that was ready to be placed for adoption. Now, there were some unique circumstances in this case that we can’t talk about, but nevertheless, they called to ask if we would want to be ‘consider’ for this sibling set.

Now, let’s stop here for a moment. In the adoption process with the County of San Bernardino, we were told that we would ONLY be called if we had been ‘selected’ as the parents for a child or sibling set, but this time we were called to see if we wanted to be ‘considered’ for this unique situation. Of course we said YES! and were told that we would know the following day (Friday) if we were or weren’t selected.

Through the evening, Hubs was being super cute. He stayed up all night researching about the different age groups because if we were selected, we would be parents that Friday!

It started to feel weird. It is hard to explain. The situation wasn’t how we expected it to feel like.

Something was… off.


Friday, September 6, 2013: We received a phone call from our social worker saying we were NOT selected.

There were lots of emotions that hit us all at once, however, we were encouraged that since we had only been officially in the system for 4+ weeks and already had our profile viewed, that it was a good sign for us.

A good sign indeed.


That upcoming week, we had a big camping trip that had been planned for months with over 20 adults and children (like the one we just got home from) at a beautiful campsite near Bishop, CA. It was a Wednesday thru Sunday outing in a location with NO CELL SERVICE!


Monday September 9, 2013: Hubs took off work.

We just wanted to get away and do things that we might not be able to do for awhile if we get another ‘call’. So we hit up Disneyland and a Dodgers game.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013: The day we will remember forever!

We received a call from our social worker saying “You have been selected to be the parents of a beautiful baby girl who was safely surrendered.” She was only days old and was currently at a foster home. We were asked to come into the Victorville office the next day (Wednesday) for a ‘presentation.’

Now see, if they had called us a day later, we would not of received this miracle phone call as we would of been camping out of cell phone service! Crazy, right?!?

It was God’s perfect timing.

When we got this call, I was minutes away from going grocery shopping for our camping trip! Needless to say, we ended up not going camping 😉


Wednesday September 11, 2013: We had to wait until late afternoon to meet with the county officials for a formal presentation.

Being that our social worker gave us all of the information on Tuesday night over the phone, this presentation didn’t really give us more details. With a safely surrendered baby, there is very little information about the birth mother (or family for that matter) and little-to-no health information.

We were given a couple of photos of “Amber” (a name given to her by the hospital nurses), but photos didn’t do her justice!

We wanted to take her home that day, but because she was currently at a foster home, we were told that we needed to take 24 hours to decide. Blah! We knew that she was ours, but since they wouldn’t let us take her home that day, we went power shopping! Target, Baby-R-Us, Costco… you name it! And because we had an age range of newborn to 2-years-old that we were open to, we haven’t been able to purchase many things until we knew the age. Car seats, clothing, strollers, etc.


Thursday, September 12, 2013: The day we first got to meet Rylee-Joy and also bring her home!



Through the entire year we had weekly visits from our social worker and became her legal guardians after 6 months. Then we waited.

And as you could tell by the lack of a changed blog design that didn’t include Rylee for 368 days, we were told that there was still certain things that we were not allowed to post, design or even say about her case. And so here in the next weeks and months, this website will change and be updated with more current looks of our family!


Monday, September 15, 2014: Fast forward to exactly one year and three days after Rylee came home.

With loved ones with us in the court room (and some even joining us via FaceTime), we got to legally and permanently call Rylee-Joy McCormick our daughter!


(Some family and friends that have walked with us through the journey) 


What an incredible journey that the Lord has had us on. Excited to get to see our little RJ grow into the beautiful and brave women that God has created her to be!

Every child and every adoption is very unique and there is no norm! I love answering questions about adoption, so e-mail me away!


… and of course we had to spend the rest of the day celebrating at the happiest place on earth, AKA Disneyland!


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  1. Such a beautiful post! Great is His faithfulness!

  2. Denise G. Avatar
    Denise G.

    Those first pictures of the 3 of you made me cry! I became a mom this year and it’s just amazing.

    I know that Judge. I worked for him at Rancho court a few years back. I bet that day was beautiful!

    My cousin was adopted (wow nearly 19 years ago) and God definitely
    knew what he was doing there, even though we didn’t understand why my aunt had to suffer a late term loss months before. Once he joined our family, we knew it was meant to be.

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  9. Jess @lusciousdlite Avatar
    Jess @lusciousdlite

    Cried buckets reading this. I’m so happy that everything pans out well for you, Bobbi. Such an inspiring story. RJ reminds me so much of my 9mth-old girl. She’s so fortunate to have wonderful parents. Likewise, you’re so blessed with this Joy! A match made in heaven! Thank you for sharing this joyful journey with us. I look forward to more chronicles and adventures of the #mccormickclan!! Lotsa luv to Miss Rylee Joy McCormick.. Xoxo

  10. We have two children from Detroit that joined us when they were 4 and 6; they have been home for 5 yrs now. Our two from China have been home for 2 yrs. Each journey is unique and each has its own joys and challenges. Congratulations on the permanency you now have for her! What a gift that is!

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  26. Congratulations on your beautiful adoption story!! I can’t wait to see how you blog transforms over the coming months! Looking forward to it

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  35. Danielle Beaver Avatar
    Danielle Beaver

    Best. Post. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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