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Happy Friday friends!

I haven’t been so great at these motherhood types of posts, but they are some of my favorite to write. I plan on writing one a month. I guess I like sharing about all the fun and growing points that motherhood has brought to my life. Whether a mother or not, raising a tiny human is exhausting yet rewarding all at the same time.

RJ is 17 months and is almost RUNNING! She started walking about two weeks ago and life hasn’t been the same since. HER WORLD has gotten so much bigger and she is has such a sweet and OUTGOING personality. I honestly didn’t know when she would walk, because she never really crawled just bootie scooted. But the day she decided to walk, it was as if she knew had to do it all her life.  She says HI to everyone and blows them sweet kisses, my heart skips a beat every time I see that hand leave her lips. She is also quite the talker, can say over 3o words and signs, please, thank you, love, milk, and thank you. She never really picked up on signing, because she learned the word first. Were currently going through a hard time of eating, thinking it may be teething or some new picky-ness that I am not fond of. I am sure it will pass as so many things have, but she is drinking milk three times a day. ALSO look at all that HAIR?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.05.11 PM

We are in a very nice rhythm and these day’s this little Toddler’s schedule looks a bit like this.


But of course just when you think you have nailed it, something changes 😉 I am giving my self GRACE daily and rolling with it!

Since cutting the morning nap time, it has allowed for a little more play time in the morning and a consistent 2-21/2 hour nap in the afternoon leaving this stay at home working mama a bit more time to catch up on work. Now let’s be real RJ doesn’t go down with out a fight sometimes for a nap. Some times I have to let her cry it out a bit and then she finally falls asleep. I know her cry enough now, that I can tell if it’s an over tired cry or a need you mama cry. It is not always easy that is for sure.

We also don’t go out to dinner these days, hello the high chair is a nightmare for RJ! I don’t blame her, I would hate to be confined from all the fun things the adults are doing. I am ok with the time at home, it slows this busy girl down and makes meal time together around the table so much sweeter. Also our trips to Target and other fun shopping places are just as limited and we tend to get in and out a whole lot quicker now!

Now that she is a toddler, she is a sponge and is learning something new and exciting daily. I got a little carried away on Pinterest pinning fun learning activities for her (the teacher in me came out) , then I stepped away from the computer took a few deep breaths in and decided that I can pin all day, but I need to listen to my gut and spend some time on the floor exploring with her. Let her be a kid and encourage her curiosity. Learning will come and it will be fun for sure, but for now we play and blow bubbles.

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  1. I love the wonder of children. It is beautiful!