Marathon Training Week 3 + Saucony Kinvara 4

I can’t believe I am well into week 3 of marathon training!!! It has been amazing. I feel like I am seriously in the best shape of my life. I guess all that cross-training and strength training has paid off! I can not tell you enough friends how strength training has changed my LIFE!


So far we have done a 16 mile run, and this past weekend we did a 18 mile run. It was seriously amazing. We are training on a down hill, flat and a bit of hilly course. We are FLYING!! I pushed us (I am sure Susie loved me for that Winking smile) We did an amazing 8:27 pace and felt amazing! At this rate we could BOSTON QUALIFY!


I have been doing some pretty hard core HIT training after our NROL workouts and I honestly think it is what has helped me keep my speed!!! Love that I am only running 3 times a week and lifting twice a week, such an awesome balance!


This is what get’s me up at 4am most mornings!


Ok, I can’t blame all my speed on my hard work (ok I DO and I will), but these awesome shoes do help! I may have been converted to a Saucony fan for life!!!! I am loving my new KINVARA 4’s!!!



LOVE the color, love how light they are, love how I feel like I am running on air!!! I love that their slogan is KICKASSIMUS. I will do a better review once I run in them for a bit longer!


I am still hitting up the gym on Tuesday’s and Thursdays for our early morning gym session to keep up our NROL training plan. Enjoying every minute of it and feel like it’s a nice break in between our running days!



Fueling while I train is super important to me. I typically have a piece of Ezekiel bread with almond butter or a banana before I head out for a run. It gives me the energy I need and is something my stomach can handle. On Tuesday I was out near a Whole Foods and picked up some of my favorite training fuel, Vega!!! I love their pre workout, sustaining guu, and post workout fuel!


I also enjoy my Shakeology every morning to give me the protein I need, and all my fruits and veggies for the day!


People always ask me how I shop and I tell ya, Fresh and Easy makes life so simple. I pick up about 75% of our groceries for the week there, a few things from Trader Joe’s and hit up the farmers market for some produce. I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING!!! I honestly would love to be a personal grocery shopper/cook one day! I am huge on picking up REAL ingredients and Fresh and Easy makes that so simple!


Most nights for dinner  I eat some kind of tofu or fish, a big pile of veggies and a sweet potato or quinoa. I also love a glass of wine about twice a week as well, especially on SUNDAYS!


I can’t believe I am running a marathon in 7 weeks, I am not sure it has really hit me yet!!

Question: What is your favorite pair of running shoe?


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  1. I love Ryka brand shoes for running. They are super lightweight and comfortable! Good luck on your training!

  2. Kristin Stewart @ Avatar
    Kristin Stewart @

    My favourite running shoes are ASICS becasue I go to a place that sells them at cost. My personal best 1/2 marathon was run in Mizuno’s though so I am fond of them as well.

  3. Way to go on your long run pace! That is AWESOME. Did you run it in your Kinvara4’s?
    I’m currently searching for my “shoe love” – I’ve been transitioning into the Newtons, but dealing with sesamoiditis right now. So not sure how much I’m loving THAT. Tomorrow is my last race of the spring and I fully intend to jump into strength training and swimming for about 12 weeks before beginning marathon training!

  4. What kind of HIIT are you doing after lifting? Are you doing the Tabata with kettlebells? Or something similar?

    Glad it’s going well for you. I just started a weight training routine using kettlebells. I’m in week 3, so right now I can run 3x’s a week, but that will have to drop to 2x’s a week later in the program. But I want to be able to ramp back up to do a half (maybe) in the fall.

    My favorite running shoes my Asics GT2000.

  5. I love the positive vibe in this post! Sounds like training is going so well for you!! Great job Bobbi!

  6. Love your yellow duck Kinvaras. I run in Vibrams and am the Seeya.

  7. Looking great (as always). And Fresh & Easy is definitely my go to grocers. Ash loves the berry selection there.

  8. You look great and I am glad you are feeling the same way.
    I always feel so much stronger running when I am consistent with my strength training, it is a constant struggle for me though. I would much rather run or go to yoga then strength train.

  9. I’m so glad the training is going well! I’m sad I couldn’t have stayed longer to run with you!!