May Featured Foodie’s Fridge: The Fitnessista

Sorry this is late friends it was a crazy MONTH!!!

My May Featured Foodie’s Fridge is the beautiful Gina, AKA Fitnessista! Gina’s true passions are: fitness, healthy recipes and nutritional advice. I love how she is always inspiring others to get their booties moving! Gina is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Nutritional Advisor. On her blog you can find great tips on her workouts, and great eats!

Well let’s take a peak into this Diva’s fridge!


Bobbi: Hello Gina!!! Thanks so much for letting us stop by and check out what goods you have in that sweet fridge of yours! The first question I love to ask my foodie friends is, have you always been a healthy eater and if not what is the biggest change that you have made?

Gina: I have definitely not always eaten the way I do now! Growing up, I lived on Mexican food and hardly ate any fruits or vegetables. In the past 7 years, I’ve totally turned my eating around and now focus on unprocessed foods, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. I don’t eat meat, but will still have the occasional fish or egg…and lots of goat cheese 😉

Bobbi:I hear ya on the Mexican food, growing up I would eat a lot of homemade Mexican food, that wasn’t very healthy. I see that you have Almond milk in there, my favorite, are you lactose intolerant or do you just prefer not to drink milk?

Gina:: I’m not lactose intolerant but rarely eat cow’s dairy, and always choose organic if I decide to roll with cow’s milk. I prefer nut milk over everything- it tastes the best and I believe it’s the healthiest choice for dairy.

Bobbi:: I too love me some nut milks!! I see some Barney Butter, one another favorite of mine is there a reason you keep it in the fridge? Looks like you are a condiment girl as well, soy sauce, salsa,mustard the whole gamut! What would you say it the one condiment you use the most of?

Gina: I always keep my nut butters in the fridge- I like it a little harder (TWSS) 😀 I LIVE for condiments and usually have a ton in there to choose from. My favorite is definitely salsa/hot sauce and I also love TJs Goddess Dressing.


Bobbi:: I have never tried that dressing, I need to get some!! Oiko’s yogurts are such a wonderful source of protein and are super delicious are there any other yogurts that you love?

Gina:: I’m actually not a huge yogurt fan. I bought the Oikos because I had some coupons from Stonyfield and they’re delicious, but other than that I don’t eat a ton of yogurt.

Bobbi:: I see some blueberries, tomatoes, and I think a lemon in there what other fruits would you say that you like to stock your fridge with?

Gina: The staple fruits are bananas, mangoes (when they’re in season, like right now!), strawberries, apples, lemons (for salads and hummus) and oranges for juicing.

Bobbi:: MMM I love me some mango! Lot’s of leftover’s I see, looks like my fridge right now! I know that your Pilot is not always home, so do you find it more challenging to cook for one or is eat easier to cook for the both of you? Is the Pilot a picky eater?

Gina: Hahah yeah, I actually took this pic back in January so our fridge looks a little different now. I actually find myself cooking more full-up meals when the pilot is home, because when he’s gone I’ll be happy with a salad. When he’s home, I’ll make a vegan/vegetarian meal and then give him meat on the side, or will make him a meaty and manly meal and myself something different. It’s a lot of work but we have different eating styles (and he needs about 3000 more calories than I do), so it’s worth it to take the extra time. He’s not picky at all and is willing to try whatever I make, but I always make him his own meal, too. I’ll make the recipe for 4-6 people (even though it’s just him) and he’ll have it for dinner and will take the rest for lunch or leave some in the fridge for a snack when he gets home from work.

Bobbi: What is your favorite thing to cook for the two of you?

Gina: Our favorite meal together is maple-glazed salmon, mashed sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus. It’s a fast and easy meal, and we both love it with a glass of vino.

Bobbi: Oh how I wished the Hubby loved fish that sounds like an amazing dinner, I will have to get that glaze from you! Thanks for showing us your pantry as well, I see lot’s of whole wheat goodies, pasta,cous cous,lasagna,and TLC crackers! I also see some Coconut oil which I have been dying to get, what do you use your coconut oil in?


Gina: I love whole grains! I don’t usually eat pasta, bit the pilot LOVES it. The coconut oil is used for the raw vegan macaroons I like to make – it’s strictly for macaroon purposes 😀

Bobbi:: Well then I need to get on those macarron’s! I also see some Agave Nectar in your pantry, are there any other type of sweeteners that you use? What would you say is the healthiest sweetener out there?

Gina:STEVIA! It’s the best of both worlds: natural (it’s plant-derived) and calorie/sugarfree. I also like using medjool dates, banana and maple syrup as sweeteners. For baking, I’ll use Sucanat, which is non-refined cane sugar.

Bobbi: Loving all the cook books!!! I am a cook book addict, but I tend to just use them for ideas, I never stick to a recipe. What would you say is your favorite cook book out of all of yours, and what is one that you would love to have?


Gina: I do the same thing—I’ll look at the recipe and then just start throwing stuff in there 😀 My favorite cookbook of all time is probably Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney, because the raw recipes are simple and more appropriate for everyday use, unlike a lot of other raw cookbooks (which I love) that are more for entertaining purposes. It also has recipes in there for raw ice cream, which is my favorite dessert 😀 I also love the Delicious Disney cookbook- I’ll use that when we’re having company for dinner. One cookbook I’m really looking forward to (it comes out this month) is Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis. Her recipes are delicious, healthy and beautiful!

Bobbi: Gina thanks so much for opening up your fridge for all of us to see, I have one last question, if you could have one person over to cook for who would it be and why?

Gina:  BOBBY FLAY! I think he’s pretty hot and from what I can tell, he makes some delicious and spicy food! Thanks so much for the fun interview, Bobbi and thanks to all of you for reading 😀 Happy Friday!

Fun Quiz

  1. What is Gina’s favorite meal to cook?
  2. a. Steak
    b. Pasta
    c. Salmon

  1. What is Gina’s favorite kind of Yogurt?
  2. a. Oikos
    b. Not a big fan of yogurt
    c. Yoplait

  1. Who would Gina love to have over for dinner?
  2. a.Tom Cruise
    b. Bobby Flay
    c. Captain Hook

    Thanks GINA!!!

    Stay tuned to hear how my first day of “Bobbi’s Bootcamp” went!!!


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