McCormick’s For Dinner

Instead of going out to dinner last night  to a fancy restaurant Hubby and I decided to buy some Fish (Halibut) and steak (Filet Minion) to grill and create our own cabin restaurant. First we had a little cocktail hour which composed of organic corn chips, guacamole,wine and some Mike and Ike.

Picture 437 

We didn’t have dinner until 8:30pm, we felt like we were truly on vacation. Eating when we want, sleeping when we want, and DOING what we want ;).

Picture 438

In my Halibut foil pouch I threw in some lemon, pepper, sea salt, and onion. I cooked it on the grill for about 10-13 minutes. I am always worried about drying out fish, so I watch it very closely. It turned out beautifully!

Picture 440

I also grilled up some asparagus and cooked up some brown sticky rice on the side.

Picture 441


Picture 444

I enjoyed my dinner with another glass of Yellow Tail Cab. 

Picture 445

Hubby’s plate was fit for a king; Hawaiian Sweet Bread, Corn, Baked Potato, and Filet Minion. 

Picture 442

His drink of choice ;) 

Picture 443

We had such a nice and quiet evening together. We lit the fire and watched the movie “Eagle Eye”, I actually liked it. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. We also worked on my blog make over…we are computer geeks :). 


This morning I woke up at 7:30am got dressed and made me a little pre-long run snack. Corn tortilla+Nut Butter+Nanner+Honey. I rolled up and it tasted amazing! 

Picture 446

I am off to tackle 11 miles today, the elevation up here is 7,000 feet so I hope that doesn’t way me down. Check out what I get to run around! 



See you after my run!!!


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