On this day in History: 1941 U.S.A. US Enters World War II : Following the unprovoked Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor yesterday the United States entered World War II as Congress declared war against Japan.

Gloomy Monday, woke up with a bit of a soar throat and the sun is still hiding! I need to get out there and hit the pavement:( I am not feeling it. Well hopefully I get out of here and at least get some miles in, todays the first day of HBBC!!!!
NEW THINGS FOR A NEW YEARDecember 1: I took a scenic route to work, it was beautiful and neat to see new things!December 2: Crawled into a tiny princess tent full of stuffed animals, it was cozy and made me want to be 7 again!!! lol..I never had a pink tent when I was 7 shoot or 8 or 9 …..!December 3: My friend gave me a Rod Stewart CD I listened to it, and I LOVED IT! My first Rod Stewart experience, I have been missing out!

December 4: I let two of my students drink out of my cup yesterday!!!! I am a stickler about letting people drink out of my cup I kinda have a big issue about it, but I was going to let it go in honor of trying something new (lets hope I don’t get sick). A first for me!

December 5: Well there were a lot first today, making a new meal, and drinks.

December 6: I had a subway breakfast sandwich, and it was GOOD!

December 7: Hubby and I rode our bikes to a a fun new restaurant (new to us), WE LOVED IT! We can’t believe we have never been there.

Kendall with PROBAR was so kind to send me 6 different flavors of the PROBAR. I received the following flavors: Kettle Corn, Apple Cinnamon Crunch, Super Food, Maple Pecan, Nutty Banana Boom, and Cherry Pretzel. I let hubby review the Apple Cinnamon Crunch and his bff Josh try the Kettle Corn. Here are their responses:


“It didn’t taste like apple cinnamon, it tasted like cherry-something.Texture was good but still couldn’t get over the cherry-ish flavor bar was big,so that was nice. But with the grams of fat being so high, I would have rather had a good-ol’ Snicker bar which tastes exactly what a Snicker bar should taste like.”


“It was good, a lot of yummy chewyness but I couldn’t’t taste the Kettle Corn flavor too much, this would be great before a workout.”


“I tried all the others, and I loved them! The ProBar is quite the tasty energy bar whose ingredient list makes you feel pure and wholesome. It is so great to find an energy bar that tastes great, has all the right qualities for carrying on the go, and is also 100% natural, vegan, and has no preservatives.”

Nutrition Facts

In my opinion the ProBar should be used as an energy bar – it is high in sugars and fats, low in protein. If used as a meal replacement or recovery bar, supplement it with a protein and vitamin source. Because of the high energy density, ProBar recommends using only half a bar at a time during exercise as an energy source.
Calories: 380
Carbohydrates: 50 grams, with 6 grams of fiber.
Protein: 6 grams
Fat: 18 grams, with 4.5 grams saturated fat, 0 trans fat, provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
Low in vitamins.

Serving Size 1 bar (2 oz) (57g)1 bar, fun size (15g)1 bar, king size (4 oz) (113g)1 package (9072g)

As an Energy Bar for Athletes

“The ProBar is marketed as an energy bar for athletes. It’s high amount of carbs will provide endurance energy, especially for distance walkers and hikers. With the large number of natural seeds, walkers should test it out for tolerance before using it in a competitive event.”-About.com

I think that as an athlete who tries to get a balanced amount of proteins, complex carbs, fats, and veggies, the PROBAR is perfect! At first I was a little leery of the high fat and calories in the bar, and then when I realized what was making the fat content so high I thought twice about my opinion. The reason the fat and calories are so high is because the nut butter that is keeping the bar together is higher in fat. But not BAD fats. As someone who eats very little fat in my diet, it’s good to get good fats in where I can. I would recommend eating half the bar 30 minutes before vigorous exercise, and then right after your workout as well.

Why is the PROBAR higher in fats than other bars?

Here is what PROBAR has to say about the fat in their bars.
During extended periods of moderate level exercise (endurance sports) the body conserves vital carbohydrates by metabolizing fats at a more rapid rate than carbs. If the body becomes depleted of carbs it “hits the wall”. Muscles simply cannot function without the presence of carbohydrates. The PROBAR supplies a broad spectrum of healthy fats. Poly and mono unsaturated, saturates (yes the body actually requires certain saturated fats), and EFA’S (essential fatty acids more commonly referred to as omega essential fatty acids). Endurance athletes commonly deplete their bodies of these critical nutrients, several of which are not commonly found in foods. Because the PROBAR supplies these in abundance, it is not only an excellent tool for use during competition and training, but is also ideal for recovery application also.
For the non-athlete PROBAR lover, these fats translate into exquisite nutrition, providing one third of the bodies daily requirements for fats in every bar. The key here is to provide the balance of fats from all of the different categories required by the body, while eliminating all of the unhealthy trans and hydrogenated fats. If any of the fats required by the body are missing, the body lets us know by giving us RELENTLESS CRAVINGS. This means that if we do not consume all of the different fats required by the body, we will crave everything that is fatty! SUPPLY THE FATS and END THE CRAVINGS!! When we avoid these cravings, weight management becomes much easier. HOORAY!
Click here for more information
My Thoughts on PROBAR’s
So if you are an athlete or someone who is very active and needs a boost of energy I highly recommend this bar! The texture and combination of flavors is mouth-watering. Heck you can actually see everything you’re eating. Almonds, oats, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried fruit and more are all there in plain sight, not all blended up beyond recognition. If you’re looking for a great high-energy snack, or if you want to have an alternative to the other sugary and chemical-laden energy bars, check out the full line of PROBAR energy bars.

PROBAR Energy Bar Varieties

PROBAR’S come in great varieties–each one with a distinctive flavor and a special mix of 100% organic ingredients. Here’s a breakdown of the flavors:

Superfood Slam: The nutritional powerhouse with a mix of 15 signature whole food ingredients
Art’s Original Blend: The man’s first love and the inspiration for what is now PROBAR is like trailmix in a bar
Whole Berry Blast: Almond butter base with blueberries, strawberries and more make for a tasty meal
Nutty Banana Boom: Obviously contains bananas and nuts and a whole lot of other goodies
Apple Cinnamon Crunch: Apples with a hint of cinnamon goodness
Cran-Lemon Twister: Cranberries and lemon gives more kick than my father-in-law’s shetland pony
Koka-Moka: A chocolate treat with just a hint of mocha that is quite tasty


Alright would you like to try these bars? The kind folks at ProBar are giving away Six ProBars of your choice to a Nhershoes reader. All you have to do is come up with a creative flavor by way of suggestion that PROBAR should make next, just leave a comment. To check out all the flavors they have already visit. Contest will run through December 14th 12am Pacific Time. The contest is open to all residents of the U.S. and Canada.



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