Monday Meal Plan + Chobani Thai Red Curry

HAPPY Monday!!! I only had one day off this weekend, because I only have a 3 day week Smile Later this week, Hubby and I are getting away to visit another local camp. It will be nice to retreat together away in the woods. Working at a camp is a lot of fun, but it’s hard to “retreat” at where you work.  A little cabin get-away is just what we need.

I tied out an amazing recipe last week with some pretty simple ingredients. I got the recipe from my friend Stephanie and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

Chobani Thai Red Curry


2tbsp canola oil
1 small onion chopped
1 block of firm tofu cut into cubes
3-5 tbsp Thai red curry paste
3/4 C red bell pepper chopped
3/4 C green pepper chopped
2C vegetable stock
4oz green beans cut into 2inch pieces
1 15.5oz can chickpeas, rinsed &drained
1C plain Chobani yogurt
Kosher salt


Heat oil in skillet. Add onion & bell peppers & sauté until soft, approx 3-5min. Stir in curry paste & coat veggies. Add stock, tofu, green beans, & chickpeas & stir to combine. Simmer for 20min, remove & stir in chobani. Add salt & pepper to taste.


I added in tofu and it was the perfect addition!



This week our meal plan is pretty simple as we will be out of town most of the week.

Monday:  Hubby’s famous vinegar chicken

Tuesday: Salsa Chicken

Wednesday:  Jessica’s 30th Birthday!

Thursday:  Our Cabin Get-Away

Friday: Our Cabin Get-Away

Saturday: TBD

Question: What is your favorite Thai recipe to make at home?

P.S. The March Beachbody Challenge is kicking butt! People are dropping pounds and being so encouraged. I have another beachbody challenge group starting April 1st that I am taking sign ups for. I know some of you couldn’t do March so now is your time to get fit with me as your coach!!!  It’s all about support friends!! Who’s in?? Send me an email or leave me a comment if you are interested.


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