Hey Friends! Happy Monday!

A fresh new start to a brand new week of wonderful adventures!

What a weekend!!! Here is a little collage of all the fun that took place in this casa. Date night fun salmon with friends, FOR-YO!, softball, and just a lot of laughter!


I am off today and tomorrow and I am trying to play catch up with house chores and errand, OH JOY!

We started painting another room in our house and after it was finished we decided we didn’t like the color so much and now we are going to try again. We were going for a greyish blue color and it came out more purple blue. We are really struggling here on what to do with our bedroom, but it is time for a change!!

This is my vision for our new master bedroom: via pinterest

Our bedroom is not this big so we couldn’t have the added chairs and stool, but I love the bed and color scheme.

I really like this one too:

The bottom picture more reclects what our bedroom would actully look like ;)I am still debating on ordering the white duvet cover I love from West Elm. Lots of choices! I need to find yellow pillows? Any ideas on where to find them?

On to the Monday Meal Plan:

Monday: Dinner with the Beaver’s and we are trying out this recipe an Asian Inspired Steak!

Tuesday: Almond Meal Tilapa —>I am making this recipe up!

Wednesday: Leftovers for Hubby, Shakeology for me

Thursday: Crockpot Salsa Chicken

Friday: Dinner at Work

Saturday: Fish Tacos!!

Sunday: TBD

P.S. I have added a tab to the top of my blog called Beachbody, click to see my new site!