My {Workouts} These Days

I feel like I haven’t done a workout post in forever! Well more workout posts to come friends, cause that is my passion.

These day’s my workout schedule is pretty consistent with the occasional change up. I would love to do a fun new plan, like Ashley Horner’s Pipehitter or another round of Jamie Eason’s 16 week live fit trainer, but right now if I can get in anything I am happy! This plan is perfect for where I am in my life right now. I am not trying to make any huge gains or lose any weight, just stay toned and get my endorphins going so I have energy to chase the little.



The saying “Fit So I Can be MOM” has nothing to do with losing weight post baby (for me), because obviously I didn’t have to do that. For me it means fit so I can hold my daughter, fit so I can climb out of the crib when I fall asleep with her, fit so I can crawl on the floor and be a living jungle gym, fit so I can run in the grass and play hide and go seek for hours, fit so I can sqaut down and tie my daughters shoe’s, fit so I can have the energy to no be trashed by the end of the day so I can be a great wife…the list goes on.

So right now in my life I am sticking to the two days of Spin at the local YMCA where they have wonderful childcare for RJ, I teach TRX at 5:30am before the family rises, Wednesdays I do Spin again, Thursday I normally rest unless I have to teach and sometimes I will take a TRX class, Friday’s RJ and I go for a fun run, and Saturday’s I go to kickboxing at the studio I teach at for a little change up! I don’t want to spend hours at the gym, I want to get it in and BE DONE! The less time away from the family the better, but the time I do spend is so I can be the best version of myself!

Sometimes I miss workouts cause RJ isn’t well and I am ok with taking time away from the gym (such a different mindset for me). I am ok with resting a whole week if I need to, but still sticking to a clean balanced diet if I can. I truly believe that 80% of what you look like is because of what you EAT! Abs are made in the kitchen friends! So for now, I will soak up this season and enjoy each step I can get in!

Here is a little TRX at home workout for beginners! I will be posting a lot more TRX TABATA ideas this year as well as videos!



Question: Do you mix it up at the gym, or does your schedule stay the same?