Oh my… packing for a triathlon is a beast!!

So much stuff!!


I have never had to travel for a triathlon before and this race is only 1.5 hours away. We will be staying in the OC with our friends Justin and Candice (The Tri pros) they only live about 30 minutes from the start!

Tonight I laid our all my gear and packed it by transition order(Got this idea from Meghann who’s doing our first HIM on Sunday too).

First up the SWIM:


– Tri-Suit
– Swim Cap
– Two pair of Goggles (just in case)
– Vaseline (chaffing not ok)

I will be picking up my wet suit tomorrow at the expo, I am renting one for only $30. I’ll have to practice getting in and out of it tomorrow night!

On to the BIKE:


– Gloves
– Helmet
– Water Bottles
– Socks
– Bike Tube + CO2 Cartridges on my Bike
– Bike Levers
– Bike Pump in the Car
– Cycling Shoes
– Sunglasses
– Bike is in the Car!

Last, the RUN:


– Running Shoes
– Race Belt
– Garmin (not shown)
– Shotblocks (not shown need to get more)
– Hat (not shown)
– Water-bottle

Now the Transition area:

My friend Sharri was so sweet and let me borrow her Tri-Transition Bag!! I so want one 🙂


It holds all my stuff!! And love that I can where it on my back.


She also let me barrow a transition neoprene mat! It’s bright and will really be great for laying my stuff on during transitions!


I also packed a towel for drying off with.


I also borrowed this neoprene chip ankle band! No chaffing for me!




*Cliff Bars for the bike + Power Bar
*Shot blocks for the run

Still need to pack Hammer fuel for the run!!!

Post Race Stuff:


– Sweatshirt
– Sweatpants
– Compression Socks
– Compression Shorts

Awwww I am getting excited!!! I hope to finish and that’s really the main goal 🙂

Time to get some rest, a couple hours of work tomorrow and then I am out!!!


Question: Did I forget anything????


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