Perfect Oatmeal

This morning I woke up super duper early 5am all by myself! This meant that I got to throw on some cloths and head to Sbux! So exciting. As I was deciding what to get to drink, my stomach started to growl a bit, so apparently I was ready for breakfast too. I knew I didn’t want anything sweet, I wanted oatmeal actually. Then Starbucks throws a great surprise at me, there new PERFECT OATMEAL bowls. Yes, this is something I could just make at home, but it is already made for me, and it’s Sunday and I haven’t spent any money at the Sbux yet this week! So I treat myself, and it’s quite delicious. It comes with dried fruit, walnuts, and brown sugar. It also has a very cute package, which I think Sbux are pros at! Well if I had to rate this new fabulous item I would give it an A, keep the healthy treats coming!