On this day in 1926 U.S. Route 66, “The Main Street of America” is opened.

How does one learn to deal with grief?
I am the type of person who tries to keep busy so that I don’t have to focus on my sadness. Don’t get me wrong I recognize that it’s there, but then I try to keep moving in order not to break down. This morning I went to spin class despite the fact that I didn’t sleep very well. Exercise helps me to get away and release. So in a season of sadness is it ok to still go on to the daily routine of life? Is there really an answer to this? I guess it just depends on how you deal with things. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, you are all so kind and supportive.
Ok so in order to be sane, I shall return to my daily eats and such….
This morning after my intense spin class, I did weights. I need an actual weight training guide any suggestions? I just want to tone, not build.
I made a Delicious egg white scramble filled with lots of veggies and cheese. On the side I had some peaches with Chobani Greek Yogurt (my last yogurt from the Battle of the Yogurts). It was great! I just love Greek Yogurt, I used to hate it until I got used to it and now anything else is to watery. It has 140 calories, O fat, 1 gram of fiber and 14 grams of protein!!!! I am going to do a round up of all the yogurts I have tasted in that past week and let you know how they compare…stay tuned.
I am not doing so well on the Pile on the Miles Challenge, I only have 6.2 miles down!!! Tomorrow I will double that:) Hope you all that are participating are doing better then me, I am excited that so many of you are doing it! Hubby and I are also doing pretty good on The Great Thanksgiving Challenge we have only spent a little less then $100 with an eating out included, I hope we can make it.
I have been tagged! I have been tagged by The Awesome Running Addict!

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SOME random things about me:

1. I have lived all over the country, Wisconsin,Arizona,Minnesota,Tennessee, and California. Mexico too.
2. Hubby and I only dated for 6months before we were engaged, when you know you know!
3. I have four younger brothers all younger then me, 25, 19, 16, and 13. I shall include a picture:)
4. I love LOVE love Christmas music I listen to it all year long.( I know I am a dork)
5. I have never been to San Fransisco even though I have been to at least 40 of the other states in the country!
6. I have always wanted to open a coffee/smoothie shop, still might happen you never know.
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Alright I am off to work now, with the Lord as my strength I shall press on through the day…


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