She’s Back in the Game!

Tina’s post made me smile a lot today and woke me up with HAPPY thoughts.

food 121 

Going to bed early(10pm) last night gave me the extra boost that I needed this morning to tackle an early track workout! I wanted to ride my bike to the gym, but the weather outside prohibited me from doing that. So I drove my car, which I haven’t touched since last Tuesday!!

Track Workout(on the treadmill)

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 2X 200’s at 6:50 pace(easy 200 jog in-between each one)
  • 2X400’s at 6:55 pace
  • 2X800’s at 7:00 pace
  • 1 mile cool down

Since I was at the gym I also did some weights and abs too. With all the equipment giving me the evil eye, I knew I had to do some. Have I told you guys that I loathe doing weights!! I mean I can do them if I am in a sculpt/kettle bell class, or Jillian’s DVD, but doing them on my own is tough!!


  • 3x 10lb. bicep curl-ups
  • 3x 10lb. military presses
  • 3x 10lb one armed rows
  • 1 minute plank
  • 10 walking pushups
  • 1 minute bicycles
  • 1 minute side to side toe touches

I am getting excited abut running the SDRR Marathon in less then 3 weeks!! I have run a little sense the Boston Marathon, but the longest I have done is 8 miles.My training through out the week will be, 1 Track day, 1 Tempo Run, and Easy Run, and 1 long run. This weekend I will be shooting for 15-16 and then I am going to do a 10 miler the weekend before, I hope this will get me through the marathon??! 

When I got back home I made something new for breakfast, Oat Bran.

food 124

I added 1/2 banana, Blackberries, handful of flax granola, and some Agave Nectar. It wasn’t my favorite thing, I may have to add some oats to in next time.

food 125

I also added a little light Coconut Milk to my cup of Joe this morning…mmmm..

food 118

food 120  
My DD Coffee is almost gone, sad day:(

food 117 

TBL FINALE ON TONIGHT!!!!! You know what I’ll be doing.

Do you watch TBL? Who do you want to win??

I am so wanting Tara to be the Biggest Loser!!!


P.S. Thank You JEN, AKA EatingBender for donating to send me to SD, Ashley has raised $$95.35! Only 25 more dollars to go!


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