She’s Been One Busy Lady! How about those Win, Winners!

Hey friends, I have been one busy lady, sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. I have been a bit overwhelmed lately with work,school,training, and life! This week I had to sit down and get my priorities straight. Something that has to give, but what is it?

Well I came down to a list of all the things that I have to, and love to do. Then I looked at the don’t have to do, but love to do .Then I started to get a bit overwhelmed.Then I decided it was time to get my life back. I am not a stressed out person normally, but these past couple weeks I have been feeling more stress then I know how to handle.

I have come to the decision to put my masters on hold right now. After a lot of prayer and discussion with the hubby, I know that this is the best thing for me. I love helping people with diet and exercise, but trying to go through the masters program and do all that I do, is just too much. I am currently going to be looking into getting my nutrition certification, so I can help people at my gym with diet and exercise which is why I wanted to get my Dietician and Nutrition Masters in the first place. Getting a nutrition certification is a little less time consuming, and cheaper.

So enough of that let’s talk about some food!

Here is a preview of some yummy breakfasts I have had these past two days.

Blueberry Oats!


Blueberry & Banana Cereal Mix! Kashi Heart to Heart, and Zoe’s Cranberry Currents. Can you see the theme of blueberries:)



Yesterday I had to workout at the gym again, it’s not so bad anymore. I had a track workout that I did on the treadmill. The main set was 20,X30 second slow, and 30 second fast. The slow run was a recovery pace, about 8:30 pace, and the fast pace was a 6:45 a little faster then a 5k mile. I had my pen right there with me so I could make a tally mark for everyone. The first 10 were difficult but not too bad, and as I got in to the last 10 I felt strong and ran hard. I have to say I was very proud of myself after this workout, I never would have thought I could run an hour on the treadmill!


When I got home I started on our Ritual Friday Night His and Her Pizza. I bought some of TJ’s whole wheat pizza crust this week at the market, so I decided to give it a try. I also topped th pizza dough with olive oil and a ton of veggies, same as last week, minus the tofu (forgot about it).


I was not impressed with this dough at ALL!!! It took forever to cook all the way through and I still felt like it was a little doughy. I like my crust thin and crunchy.




This morning I made a Costco run, and picked up something new! I can’t wait to try these little bad boys.

I have seen the big bags sold in the store, but never the individual packs. At less then a dollar a bag, I just had to grab them. They have all natural ingredients in them, and surprisingly are low in calories, and sugar!

I have felt like a bottomless pit lately, and the scale has let me know it too( I know I need to stop looking at it). I think it has become an obsession this past week, because I have made some poor eating choices and didn’t go to kickboxing once this week. I still managed to workout 4 days out of the 5, but still felt like a bum! I am telling you I  just haven’t felt myself. I am hoping with the weather changing, and me not having to study every waking hour will help me find balance, and be myself again.

Hubby and I have the rest of the day to ourselves, so nice. We might go out and do something depending on how the day pans out. But honesty I kind of wouldn’t;t mind staying in a bit. Who knows….


Ok so I have 4 lucky winners of the WIN Detergent GIVE-AWAY this week.

The first winner comes from the Workout tip emails that were sent to me. I have been putting them in a file in my email box, and can’t wait to share them with you all. I went to and put the number of emails I received to give me the lucky winning number. It gave me the number 5,  Teracita from The Three T’s :

Her workout tip was:

Hey Bobbi,

I just wanted to throw in my little work out tip. I’m not the most committed to exercise (even though I know I should be) but I do know that when I plan active activities with my son, then I feel like I have more of a workout than any other exercise. Usually playing a game of tag, or playing some basketball, or playing this other cool game, called Hyper Dash, with him usually give me quite the aerobic workout. And the beauty of it is that is 100% fun! And this tip could work with people that don’t have kids, if they maybe work with kids, or have close friends with kids, or nephews or nieces running around.


The second winner came from the bloggers who posted a link about the contest on their website! I also used to get the lucky number. The winner is Sarah from Tales of Expansion!

The third and fourth winners I got from all the lovely commenter’s, man you all need this stuff! pulled number 11, and 52. Congrats Aaron from Runner’s Rambles and Healthy Ashley.

Ladies please email me your home address and full name so we can get you your free bottle of WIN!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful restful weekend:)

I leave you with some cute pics of Bosco just being cute:)

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