She’s On Holiday

WOW so much has happened these past two days, parties, parties, parties, and more parties!!!! Alright let me back up two Thursday night:


I did M’s Thaw Out Challenge, it really got my HR up, I did some sit-ups and a little weights with it too. Then I had a wonderful bowl of oats, with some of my SNACKTRITION stash that I keep forgetting about!

food 001

food 002

Then I headed off to the last FULL day of WORK, before break! Thursday went by so fast and before I knew it was time to head to kickboxing, and then to my Thursday Group Christmas Party.


We had our party outside which was so nice, because we had a bonfire. It was sooooo cold, but standing next to the fire was a perfect way to warm up. We had a chili potluck, I knew that my week was going to be crazy so I just brought sour cream (which was sad for me because I LOVE making chili).

My Hay Stack with a little of each Chili:

food 011food 018 

My beverage choice for the evening HOT CIDER!

food 007 

It was heated over the FIRE!

food 021

Then we took of on a hay ride around town to carol and look at lights. Trip ended early because we forgot about the huge FIRE we left behind! lol…

food 028

food 004

 food 016

This year we did a gift card exchange, hubby one a Ohana gift card (a local self serve yogurt place) and I got a SBUX card! We were both happy. We chatted some more and then hit the dessert table, check out all the yummy treats!

food 023 food 024

food 026 

My plate of happiness! The best pumpkin muffin I have ever had, a haystack, and some peppermint chocolate brittle(and I brought a little home too).

food 033


I woke up early Friday morning because I had to be at school at 7:30 am to help the students prepare breakfast for their parents. So of course I grabbed a Peppermint Mocha from Sbux, in honor of it being FRIDAY!

We had a Holiday Breakfast Party at school. This was so fun crazy the kids love cooking pancakes with their parents, I didn’t get to eat till everyone was done I was too busy running around making sure everything was taken care of. I ended up eating A LOT of strawberries, pineapple, apples, and oranges while walking around. My kids were so cute they offered to make me a pancake, which of course I was ALL for. I couldn’t find my camera to take a pic, it was sooooo cute, they made me a SNOWMAN pancake! I put some banana and pb on it and enjoyed the breakfast for a bit.

The Ladies at Work:

food 036

Then we cleaned for the rest of the half day at school, kids left and all of us teachers looked like little kids getting out of school for the summer! We love our students but sometimes you just need a BREAK! I think my kids know I love Sbux because look at the stash I got from them:

food 058

I threw my Garmin and Ipod on and took of for a run. I wore my running cloths to work (yes we are a very casual school) that way I would be ready to run when school was out. I took off feeling free and light! It was such a nice run I tried to just take it easy and enjoy the scenery and weather. I ended up running 6 miles!!!!

Running Stats

Distance: 6.00
Avg pace:8:45
Max Pace 6:17
calories burned: 703!

When I got back to the classroom, I had some leftover home-made pizza that had way too much cheese on it, and my secret santa bought me another PEPPERMINT MOCHA, so I drank half. All that dairy did not sit still in my stomach well……

I then meet up with hubby to look for some UGLY sweaters for our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last night. We couldn’t find anything we really liked so we just went with whatever. After shopping I got to go to my gym for a Kettle Bell CLASS! I used to go all the time, but now that I work till 6 I can never go. MAN IT WAS HARDER THEN I REMEMBER! I am sore this morning. That brings my HBBC points to 73.25!


I think I should just leave you with pics because this night was sooo much fun I could go on and on! We played games, I didn’t care about what I ate( I picked ALOT ) but no booze. I was BAD and didn’t have dinner before I went to the party, no time. I did have a Cashew Cookie LARABAR, which I think is one of my faves now!

food 042 food 043

food 037 food 039

food 044 food 051

food 049 food 055

Alright I have to share this funny story!!!!! The winner of the ugly sweater contest went to the VAGINA TEAM, aka V team. lol…This sweater that our friend had on it had a hole in the front and back, I ll just show you:

food 052 food 053

I think her hubby was mortified at first, but then we all were having soooo much fun with it. This was the first time we met this couple, and I can’t remember her name…I hope I don’t call her vagina if I see her again…lol.

This Baby wins the cutest sweater contest, she was sooooo cute (still not ready).

food 054

Alright folks, I have some blogs to catch up on, cleaning, and an AKB class to hit before we got to yet another Holiday event this evening!!!!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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