She’s Such a Tease!

Well not really. I have a give-away coming up and I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what you will have a chance to WIN!!  

Can you guess what it is?24

For lunch I had another colorful and veggie filled salad.


Another WW Pita and some more Tofu Spinach Artichoke Dip, I am telling you this stuffy is FLIPPIN AWESOME!


I also had a 1/2 banana and peanut butter before I headed out for my easy 3 mile run. It was the best run, I didn’t look at my Garmin I just went in to cruise mode. We have a bunch of orange groves where I live and as I was running I could smell all the blossoms in the air.

Tonight little C and I made dinner and now we are watching, well I was watching TBL and she wanted to watch Johnny Test?? The 9 year old won the TV battle!!! .

Check out our yummy dinner! Along with the pretty flowers we picked from my garden.

food 085

We made spinach, home made red mashed taters(easiest recipe), black eye peas, and BBQ Tofu.

food 087

I am headed to bed early I have a 5am wake up call to run 4 miles with “fast” Jill then I am meeting D for a walk to Panera before work, she is on Spring break, lucky:)

Night Night


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