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I am so so glad you are doing a shred in June. I was back and forth on doing it, and decided not to. Now I see all your posts and regret my decision. So I’m super excited for the June Shred!!

I am so glad you are doing another shred in June. I was back and forth about this one and decided not to. But after seeing all your posts about it I was totally bummed with my decision. I will for sure do your next one..can’t wait!!

I’m feeling meh. But it’s because I’m not giving it 100% and I’m beating myself up. I am doing well with snacking though…. and my calves are coming back!

Can’t wait for more shirts!

welcome back!!! that planner is all kinds of awesome – I’m ordering one for myself now!! 😀

loving the shred! the food, the workouts… but MOST of all the encouragement and support on the facebook group! I’m going to miss that most when the shred is over!

Everyone loves delicacy food

I love how wonderful your food looks! I may have to duplicate the shrimp and avocado ceviche salad. And yay to another Summer Shred!! I was one of the “missed to date” readers, so this is great news!

PS – They should totally say ‘Body by Bobbi’ on them. How cute is that.

YES!!! Another one in June!! I was seriously wondering what I was going to do after this one ended. Super cute Erin cover! Mine is just stripes…I think I’ll have to add photos for next year. And ummm yes -we need tshirts to show our ‘Body by Bobbi’ results 🙂

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