Shred it UP! Food, Workouts & More


The break was nice, but now it’s time to get back to blogging!

My second annual Summer Shred has officially started and it is awesome to an amazing start. Now I know there quite a few of you that missed the deadline, but do not worry…I will be doing a second Shred Starting in JUNE! So keep an eye out.

This past week my Erin Condren Planner came in at the perfect timing!! (they are 40% off right now friends).


I finally feel like I am all caught up…well for now! MUCH MORE FUN to come!!


Loving that I am able to participate in the Shred as well and try out some of my favorite meal ideas! I always love to mix it up, but it’s great to be reminded of the things you love!


Love that the participants are keeping so motivated and getting new tastebuds!!!


I got so excited last week for summer, that I went birthday money shopping and got all kinds of fun new dresses. Apparently I really like STRIPES Winking smile


It’s safe to say that stripes are in Winking smile


So what have I been eating lately?! Some super delicious and clean FOOD for sure!


Sweet potato with Fresh and Easy Veggie Chili and an avocado.


Fresh and Easy Kale Caesar Salad with Salmon and Avocado.


My Clean Chicken and Shrimp Enchiladas (will be posting full recipe on Friday).




Shrimp and Avocado Ceviche Salads!


I also enjoyed my “cheat meal”. A beet burger and sweet potato fries from our favorite Redlands Burger joint, Eureka Burger. I also enjoyed some yummy Hanger Beer.


It was our date night and we finally saw 42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY, an amazing story, you must go see it!


We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch after church with friends and ….


a little COCONUT Pink Berry! Ok, can you tell I am in love with coconut right now??


As far as workouts go…

I got my first ever BAMR Band and I was so impressed! It didn’t move at all! I will be ordering some more. They are super reasonable, cute, and are functional. I always am wearing a hat because I hate my fly always jumping out all the time!


This weekend we took Hubby’s new to him bike out for a 22 mile ride and he CRUSHED it!! He clipped in and all. He didn’t fall and was pushing me. So excited to find another common love!


I also got a chance to try out my new Ellie running shorts, they are short but boy are they comfortable. I love LOVE love that they have a wide waist and didn’t ride up once! If you are a shorts runner I highly recommend them!


We didn’t get our long run in this weekend cause Susie was out of town, we will be doing it tomorrow night (I know crazy). But this week we did get in a speed workout and our Friday Fun run 6 miles!


I also did two of my Shred workouts and I kicked my own butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am working on getting shirts made friends, so stay tuned!


and even baby onesies!




I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting a class for the Influencers Network next THIS Thursday May 9th at 9pm EST! it is called Nutrition + Fitness for Busy ladies! The best part is it’s all online, so you can get in your jammies, sip a cup of tea, and enjoy a interactive fun class with me!! I can not wait to share tips on how to stay healthy while juggling a million and half things! Go sign up here today!!

I leave you with this awesome quote a friend shared with me, because I know this post was all over the place..but I just had so much to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



9 responses to “Shred it UP! Food, Workouts & More”

  1. I am so so glad you are doing a shred in June. I was back and forth on doing it, and decided not to. Now I see all your posts and regret my decision. So I’m super excited for the June Shred!!

  2. I am so glad you are doing another shred in June. I was back and forth about this one and decided not to. But after seeing all your posts about it I was totally bummed with my decision. I will for sure do your next one..can’t wait!!

  3. I’m feeling meh. But it’s because I’m not giving it 100% and I’m beating myself up. I am doing well with snacking though…. and my calves are coming back!

    Can’t wait for more shirts!

  4. welcome back!!! that planner is all kinds of awesome – I’m ordering one for myself now!! 😀

  5. Janelle Avatar

    loving the shred! the food, the workouts… but MOST of all the encouragement and support on the facebook group! I’m going to miss that most when the shred is over!

  6. Everyone loves delicacy food

  7. I love how wonderful your food looks! I may have to duplicate the shrimp and avocado ceviche salad. And yay to another Summer Shred!! I was one of the “missed to date” readers, so this is great news!

  8. PS – They should totally say ‘Body by Bobbi’ on them. How cute is that.

  9. YES!!! Another one in June!! I was seriously wondering what I was going to do after this one ended. Super cute Erin cover! Mine is just stripes…I think I’ll have to add photos for next year. And ummm yes -we need tshirts to show our ‘Body by Bobbi’ results 🙂