So She’s Running a Half Marathon in the Morning?!

Let me explain, I came home tonight and I was so excited to pour glass of red, and enjoy dinner with Hubby! I made us Turkey Chili in the Crockpot at school, it was so wonderful having dinner ready when I got home!!!


This was the easiest recipe ever! I dumped in a can of tomatoes, black beans,kidney beans,white beans, corn, and 1/2 cooked ground turkey. I cooked for 6 hours.



I also experimented with a corn bread recipe and replaced the white flour with whole wheat flour and the sugar with brown sugar.


It was actually pretty good, I will have to perfect it before I share the recipe.


So yes it’s true! Tonight when I got home as I was drinking my Friday glass of Merlot and having dinner with the Hubby, my friend Melissa called me and told me both of her running buddies were injured and would not be able to run her first half marathon with her. She then proceeded to ask me if I would want to run it with her. I put the wine glass down and said sure. SURE, what am I thinking? I haven’t run once since last Sunday at the marathon! I am officially one of the crazy runners!

Melissa runs about a 11-12 minute mile, so this won’t be a fast run for me but the first 6-8 miles are ALL DOWN HILL!! It is actually the worlds fastest half marathon, I did it last year and ran a 1:37:19. I won’t even worry about my time and just keep Melissa motivated and treat this like a long run. I guess when I said I would love to be a pacer, I was serious!

The race starts at 7:30am, but we need to catch the last shuttle bus up at 6:15am. I am getting my stuff together right now and then hitting the pillow.


I still have a long list of things to get done, I am just glad I have the weekend to finish. Hubby and I plan to take a day to just stay home and catch up on life tomorrow!! I don’t remember the last time we had a weekend we had no plans(besides the 1/2 marathon of course).

See you after the race tomorrow! Can’t wait to catch up on all your blogs, its on the todo list!!!


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