St.Patty’s Day at Disneyland part I

This week is a little crazy so I will not have my normal scheduled posts…just hang with me:) I am also reading all your blogs just haven’t had time to comment, thanks for still reading:)!

I am dedicating this post to the Hubby, Matthew Brian McCormick who was born on March 17, 1980, yesterday was his birthday. Yep he is Irish and was born on St.Patty’s Day, isn’t that fun?! This year Disneyland is letting everyone in for FREE on their birthday, so I kidnapped the Hubby and took him to the happiest place on earth🙂

First His Birthday Breakfast: His fave, bacon, biscuits and eggs.


In His Birthday Bowl of Course:


Then I surprised him with his ticket to DisneyLand:) He was shocked!


I packed us a bunch of goodies + lunch, because everything at amusement parks cost an ARM AND A LEG!


Lots of bars,fruit,2 PB Sandwiches and chips for me and chips for him:)


My Mid Morning Snack on the drive there. I just love these bars and they hold me over which is GREAT!


Our first stop in the park, you just got to get a picture in front of the lawn:)


If it’s your birthday they give you a pin to wear on you shirt that says your name and Happy Birthday! EVERYONE said happy birthday to Hubby he felt real special;)


After a few rides we stopped for a picnic lunch, Naturally More PB Sammy, sweet potato chips, and a peach:)

17 I hate to say it but Naturally More might be my new favorite PB!


Our fuel for the day! Love these Camelbak water bottles!

Now time for some fun pics, enjoy!

21 22







My Snacks: Banana Nut Bread Clif Bar, so good, and an apple! 

29 28

His Snacks(I was so tempted) Cream Cheese filled Pretzel, and Ice-cream.

27 33

To be continued…..

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