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Will you be doing another one soon? This month would be a disaster if I tried (I have family visiting) and I want to set my self up for success….anyway wondering if you’ll do another one soon?

I am doing one in July!

I’m really thinking about joining in!!! Also, I am a runner and would like to run a full someday. You mentioned adding running to your plan, will it be too much for me to be training for another half and doing your shred at the same time? By the way, you have been my running inspiration! I follow you on IG! Congrats in running Boston!!!!

You know I’m in! Can’t wait!

Hooray!!! I’m so excited. I’m going to be on vacation in Kauai the first week and it will be great motivation to be active in the morning before laying on the beach all day. 😉 I already eat clean and exercise, but your positive attitude and creative plans will make it more FUN. Look out, summer!

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