Summer Shred 2015


BIG NEWS! The 2015 Summer Shred is HERE and with an incredible deal!

These past three years have been amazing! The incredible stories of transformation have been overwhelmingly joyous to my soul! It’s those changed lifestyles and rejuvenation of a new walk that keeps me wanting to serve you guys!

With that being said, last summer many of you participated in our Summer Shred Survey in which I got some great feedback on what you guys felt was good, felt needing improvement and give me suggestions that I could do to help make this something you could enjoy with your family and friends. Well, I’ve got to say, this looks to be our best and most focused Summer Shred ever!


First and as always, you are going to get some killer workouts, but after your input, we are going to focus on some of the same muscle groups and circuits through the four weeks so that you do not need to learn new moves all 28 days. We also heard that you want to be able to measure yourself several weeks out to check on your progress. We hear you and want to accommodate that… except… THERE WILL BE BURPEES! 🙂

Second, you are going to love all of the great Meal Guides, Training Guides, Workout Videos and, yes, a Running Plan! We’ve heard from you that some documents have been unused or not used to the fullest, so we have made small changes like providing Meal Ideas, a Meal Planning Guide and other more practical applications of your resources.

Next, we are going to incorporate that optional Running Plan into this Shred specifically for those who want to challenge yourself above and beyond the workouts. And we will still have our special Facebook group for everyone to share ideas, keep accountability and ask questions!

Last, but for sure not least… all this… for $35!!!


One of the biggest barriers you said that was stopping some of your friends/family from participating was cost. So no more $45 for the Summer Shred. I know that this isan INCREDIBLE product and the amount of lives that have been changed by “shredding” with me just warms my soul so much!

How could I not want to find a way to allow those who need encouragement on the start of a new healthy journey or provide that extra needed support for all of us to be bathing suit comfortable??!?!

We also heard that three months of shredding (Summer Shred, Extreme Shred and Ultimate Shred) was just too much and just two months would be perfect. So, we are doing the Summer Shred and Summer Shred: Next Step! And with the help of my awesome team who helps me put these incredible shreds together, we decided to have our best SUMMER SHRED OFFER ever!


• Register for the Summer Shred (CLICK HERE) by Friday, May 8 ( ) for the incredible price of $35. (Last year $45)

• Register for the Summer Shred Package (CLICK HERE), ( ) which includes both the Summer Shred and Summer Shred: Next Step by Friday, May 8 for brand new packaged deal of $65! (Last year $85)

Remember, you can share these links with your family and friends!


– Payment Deadline for starting in the May Summer Shred – Friday, May 8th
– First day of the May Summer Shred – Monday, May 11th (The day AFTER Mothers’ Day)
– First day of the June Summer Shred (and Summer Shred: Next Step) – Sunday, June 7th


– A Facebook account is highly recommended (but not mandatory) so you can access the private NHS Summer Shred Group. However, everything will be posted & emailed weekly

– Some exercise equipment should will need: Dumbbells (or Kettlebells), Stability Ball, Jump Rope, Timer (TABATA Timer is a plus), and some kind of Bench, Chair, Box Jump and/or Step-Up.

– You will receive a WELCOME PACKET via E-MAIL on Saturday, May 9 with the link to join the Facebook Group

– If your PayPal account has an e-mail address that you DO NOT access often and/or is not an email that is associated with your Facebook account, PLEASE WRITE your email address you want us to use in the NOTES portion of your Paypal registration.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at


4 responses to “Summer Shred 2015”

  1. Donna Avatar

    Has everyone else received the welcome packet?

    1. tiffany Avatar

      I haven’t yet

  2. Rebecca Avatar

    If I want to buy the package, but start on June 7th, would that be easy to follow (and is this possible? Thanks!

  3. Tiffany Avatar

    I know that I need to do something different with my workouts but i’m totally not a running person. Do I have to do the running or could I walk it instead? Is this a good jump start or better for people who are further along in their workout journey?