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I paid through Paypal last week, but never found any other way to register. Will I need to do something else?

is paypal the registration….I paid yesterday and wanted to make sure I wasn’t suppose to fill anything else out?

Thank goodness I JUST saw this! Just in time before registration closed. Just sent my PayPal payment through. Can’t wait!

Just signed up! Paypal button worked fine for me.

I also signed up my sister so there should be 3 registrations…just wanted to let you know! Thanks!

Hi Bobbie!

I just registered both my mom and myself but I paid all together. Just wanted to let you know so that we both got on the facebook group. Thanks and hope your marathon went well!!

Hi Bobbi I saw this blogpost after I read the Email announcement you sent, and paid via the link provided there and that cost said $30, however the cost here says $35. Which price is the correct one and if I need to pay $5 more how do I pay the difference to you?


Just Signed UP!


Can’t wait to get started! I hope this is just the motivation and boost I need to get into gear =)

so there are different shreds going on in June? Summer Shred and Extreme Summer Shred?

I agree. I cannot seem to get PayPal to work!!

Is it possible to do more than 2 days of running a week? or will that defeat the purpose of the shred?

Not sure if it is just me, but the Paypal button isn’t working.

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