Sunday Softball and Stuff

We won our softball game!!! A wonderful way to end our weekend. I am starting to kinda like the sport…well kinda. I love that hubby and I get to do it together, it’s quality time for sure.

This afternoon after Church, I got to plan my week of events,meals and exercise plan. On Sundays I like to sit outside,(because it’s so nice in sunny So CAL) with three things;
#1 The laptop to update my google calender, and find some new recipes
#2 My big planner that I have to write everything in, grocery list, meals, every moment of every day(hey we only have 24 hours in a day I want to make the best of them, don’t judge
#3 My Rachel Ray and Cooking light magazines for inspiration.

While I was outside I had my turkey sub from Subway, with all the veggies and I added cranberry sauce to the top. I had some frozen mango in the freezer that I have been dying to eat as well, very nice and simple lunch.
After I was done planning the week, I was starving and couldn’t figure out what to eat so I munched on some leftover cornbread with a drizzle of honey, not the best snack but it filled me for the moment. I need to get my hands busy so I strapped on the Ipod, and cleaned up the house a little bit, then practiced some of my kickboxing routine. There are a few new moves I wanted to add, and I am changing up the music.
For dinner hubby and I had Chicken Parm which I made yesterday when I made my BSI recipe, it was so nice to have dinner already prepared. I made whole wheat pasta for the hubby and I put my chicken on a bed of fresh asparagus cooked with olive oil, garlic, and a little lemon juice. I also cut up a whole wheat baguette that I have been meaning to prepare, and served it with some balsamic vinegar and light Swiss cheese(love laughing cow soooo much). I also had one glass of Merlot, I love red wine with Italian food it’s so perfect reminds me of Italy every time. I think softball is one of the only sports I can eat a big meal and wine right before I go and play..haha..

I ADORE my Rachel Ray Cook Wear I got from Hubby last year for my Bday:)

Tonight after our game, one of the girls on the team was celebrating a birthday so they gave us the most amazing brownies ever. First I said no thank you, I was just planning on nibbling on hubby’s and then I tasted it and caved in! It was so Delicious, it was the moistest brownie I have ever had in my life. It had chocolate morsels on top with melted carmel…mmmm…I stopped at two big bites in fear that I would have a sugar high. It was hard though.
Well off to bed I have a spin/weight class at 6am tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!


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