Sure I’ll Model for You!

This weekend has been full of some fun times! Yesterday after my 20 mile run I met up with Hubby and some friends at the Redlands Bicycle Classic, one of the largest Pro/Community Cycling races in the WORLD and it was a perfect sunny CAL day.




They were handing out FREE Chipotle Burrito Coupons so you know where we went for LUNCH!!!


I got a HUGE Vegetarian Burrito, I had some major calories to eat!


As you can see I was having a bit of trouble eating it….


After lunch I met up with Skinny Bride at David’s Bridal to help her pick out her dress, and her bride’s maids dresses. It was so fun, I even got to try on some dresses too:) This whole experience made me want to go home and put on my WEDDING DRESS again, I am sure it will be happening in the near future!

Skinny Bride looked RADIENT in all the dresses she tried on!


And so did we..well Sheanna did anyway. I looked a like a little scary.


This was Skinny Bride’s favorite:


After all the fun modeling, Hubby and I headed out to Dave & Buster’s to celebrate Hubby’s birthday with our HUGE family and friend PARTY. This was our first time at D&B’s, we have been missing out! Hubby and I love playing arcade games, pool, and sky ball.


Yesterday was Hubby’s “cheat day” so he ordered some potato skins as an appetizer. Of course I had to have some too:) They were so flippin yummy!


I ordered a “Walk the Plank” drink, some pineapple juice and other fun ingredients( I accidently blew LENT). My first cocktail drink sense December!


I ordered a Chicken, Apple, Pecan salad, I loved this salad way better then then ESPN’s salad. My Mother helped me finish it:)


Here is the best part, they had Karaoke going on that night! So of course after a few sips of my drink I just had to go up:) The Cuz, and BFF Danielle and I when up and did some Christina Aguilera!


And the BOYZ when up and did some “Snoop Dawgy Dawg”. It’s kind of funny because it was hubby and our two cop friends singing about being gangsters. LOL.


We finished the night with sky ball and dance dance revolution and called it a night! Hubby had such a great time, I am so happy he was born🙂

Today was all about relaxation! When we got home from church I took a TWO HOUR NAP, this is a first for me. I was woken up by an unexpected visit by my DAD, he stopped by to say hello. We all sat and chatted for a good 4+ hours and then before I knew it, it was 5 O’clock!

I made a quick trip to the market, and prepped for the week. I am on Spring Break,  so I am working Monday and Tuesday childcare and then I am off until NEXT MONDAY!!! I foresee a beach day coming up:)

I can’t wait to get off on Tuesday night and start the Spring CLEANING!!! Am I crazy to be excited about cleaning?! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend with friends and family, remember tomorrow is a BEAUTFUL NEW BEGINNING to what could be the best WEEK of YOUR LIFE!!!

I can’t wait to do some Yoga in the am and have a big bowl of Monday Oats🙂

Night Night


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