Takeaways From #FHBC12

Lets get real here, the only reason one loves to go to blogger conferences is to meet AMAZING PEOPLE, get lots of free swag, and if your lucky eat some great food and gets in some sweaty workouts.

I honestly got exactly what I went for, met some awesome people who have the same passions as I do for fitness, food, blogging and all things health.

Here are just a few of the other things I took away:

  • I only wish that Christine {my bed buddy for the weekend} lived in my town and we could go to a gym together that was amazing as the  Anschutz Health & Wellness Center  – their fitness center equipped with Technogym equipment has taken the next step in health technology.
  • I would love it if Attunes Food would bring me fresh and healthy cereals every morning and supplied me with all the Driscoll Berries I could eat!



  • I am still in LOVE with SPIN!!! I think I am going to get certified to teach 🙂
  • I can still lift HEAVY!


  • I checked off something from my life bucket list!!! Got to see a live cooking demo and do a taste testing, CHOPPED here I com!!


  • Ditching sessions to go shopping at Lululemon makes you feel so bad, but OH so good!! More details to come about their new cycling line of clothing!


  • Downtown Denver has the best FARMERS MARKET in the world! We got  5 free wine tasting from a local winery.


  • Tabata after wine and food taste testing may be the best idea ever, or not!



  • Healthy Living bloggers know how to get down when it comes to Zumba! Work it girls!


  • Sometimes the world gets even smaller and smaller when you meet locals and learn they sweat pink too!!


  • Denver does Frozen Yogurt well. They have PRETZELS!


  • A run to Starbucks on a Sunday with a hot chick is the best idea ever!


  • I may have eaten my weight and then some in BERRIES!!!!


  • I learned all things marketing and fitness from ACE, thanks TED!


  • I learned that I am as blind as a bat and without my new Ray-Ban Glasses without them I would have been lost all weekend!


  • I also learned that it’s really this simple friends….there is no secret to losing weight.


  • Colorado is HOTTER then So CAL! It was 100 degrees all weekend and we pretty much lived in our bathing suits and got in our Vitamin D!


  • When you go to a fitness bloggers conference you only take one shower and never have to where make-up 😉


  • Whole Foods is FREAKING AMAZING and I hate that the closest one is an hour away!


  • Colorado has some awesome events in the summer on the lake, JAZZ MUSIC, OH YA!


  • InstaGram friends MEET and instantly  are BFF’s. love Kasey, Amber, ME, Linda, and Lena!!



  • You buy books like Crazy Sexy Diet and decide you ready to become VEGAN!!! {full post to come on this soon, like tomorrow}


  • Last, but not least, when you go to a fitness blogger conference you realize how blessed you are to come home to an amazing HOTTIE of a husband that brings you flowers and calls you LOVE!!


If you want want to know more about the #FHBC12 weekend:


Thank you Wellsphere for sponsoring my trip to #FHBC12! And thank you FitFluential for allowing me to be part of a great panel of speakers! And thank you to the the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center and Zephyr Adventures for a great conference! I can’t wait to go back next year!!! 


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