The Four F’s

Tonight was just what the Hubs and I needed, fun,friends,food and frisbee!!!


As you can see I did not shower ALL day and managed to turn black! I swear I keep getting darker and darker or maybe my teeth just seem whiter 🙂

We had so much this evening playing ultimate frisbee with some friends from work. No this picture wasn’t staged or anything..ok maybe it was.


We had a blast and burned like a million calories in the million degree heat! Hubby had to stretch to keep up with my speediness 😉


Here is Mis. Carly AKA queen of ultimate, posing for G2…she should so be a model!


After ultimate we went over to a friends house to eat some Carne Asada! Oh how I love me some Carne!!! If I ever became a full blown vegetarian this is one thing that would be really hard to give up. I don’t eat it often but when I do I really enjoy it!


I loaded up one corn taco with lots of black beans,cilantro, corn,tomatoes,salsa,lime,TJ’s light sour cream. On the side I had a giant piece of wm and a couple tortilla chips.


I also was double fisting it! I had a TJ’s sparkling lime water(AMAZING I AM ADDICTED) and a Diet Hansen’s Pomegranate soda. I was a pretty fickle drinker tonight.

0 7

To finish out the glorious and relaxing evening, I had a small piece of Texas Sheet Cake, and vanilla bean ice cream!!


What a great day, I feel so productive. I still have a couple things on my weekend to do list, including baking some zucchini bread(thanks for the recipes ladies). There is a free Yoga class in the park tomorrow morning, but I think I am going to skip out. I just realized I haven’t taken a day off of exercise since, well at least 10+days!!! I do have to teach kickboxing tomorrow night, but at least I will get another morning of rest 🙂

Nite friends 🙂


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