The Great Thanksgiving Challenge {Part 3}

I’ve decided to embark on the Great Thanksgiving Challenge again this year!!! Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all that you have and every year I do this it helps me stay focus on what the season is all about!

Our goal is to spend less than $150 on groceries from Nov. 1 through Thanksgiving Day.

We normally spend $100 a week (on groceries and going out) so this will be a huge CHALLENGE!!!


I got in on this three years ago when Kath hosted it on her blog and here is what she said:

The Thanks Giving

To express thanks for the food we do eat as well as increase awareness of hunger in the world, we are planning to donate 25% of what we DO spend to a food-related charity..any suggestions?

The Rules
Whatever you have in your fridge and pantry on Nov. 1 is all fair game.
We’re going to allow one free meal out a week, most likely a dinner for each of us. Any additional lunches or dinners out will count towards the $126, and that will not go far! That means if we want to go out to dinner, we have to pack lunches everyday.
The Goals
There are 3 goals of The Thanksgiving Challenge:
  1. Drastically cut back on our grocery bills and emphasize that some planning and shopping around can lead to significant savings.
  2. Eat down our pantry.
  3. Give thanks and raise awareness of the prevalence of hunger in this country and around the world.
The Disclaimers
  • We still have the food that will be in our pantry starting on November 1st and we realize we have more then enough food to last us the month, but it will be interesting to see what happens.
  • I encourage any of you who feel up to it to join us!!! Choose any amount that would be a challenge for your household and see where you end up.


****WHO’S IN????


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