A lot of you have asked me the question, “Is it hard for you to eat so healthy even though the Hubby doesn’t?” or the question, “Isn’t it hard making two separate meals?”. Well quite honestly not really, because I know that we both have different taste buds when it comes to food, and I knew that before we got married🙂


The Hubby dose like my cooking, and will eat a healthier dinner when I make it, but if were out to eat he will definitely go for the burger instead of the the salad. In fact he doesn’t really like any vegetables, besides green beans and lentils. As far as cooking two meals separately I try and just keep his meals simple and then at the end I separate the two meals and add in all my fun veggies and sauces. 

Well recently Hubby asked me if I would do a “Biggest Loser Challenge” for him and feature on my blog. Not that he is HUGE or anything he just wants to lose about 15 pounds, and he knows that he can’t do it on his own(like many people). By me talking about it with you guys, this will hold him accountable, and of course you guys are amazing cheerleaders! So in order to do this challenge, I researched a lot of different diets(which I am not a fan of), but I know that a diet is something that will work for him because he likes keeping it simple, and can eat the same thing over and over.

This picture is just for your entertainment!


I decided to go with the Eating for Life Method by Bill Phillips. I love that it has 6 small meals, Hubby loves to snack, and it’s pretty simple to follow. Hubby has vowed to do it for at least 2 weeks and if he sees a change he might even do it longer. The Eating for Life Method is how I eat already, except I eat a lot more fruit then they allow during the first few weeks. It’s a very simple method, 6 small meals a day, 2-3 hours apart, a protein, good carb, and a veggie with a little fat in there too.

Sample Menu Day 1 that I created for Hubby:

Meal #1: Breakfast Cookie with oats(carb) pb(fat) protein powder and milk(protein)
Meal #2: Whey Protein Shake with water
Meal #3: Ham sandwich with two pieces of WW Bread + an apple
Meal #4: Greek Yogurt+Strawberries
Meal #5: Chicken Breast+Green Beans+1.5 cups of WW Rice
Meal #6: Vanilla Whey Protein Shake with some PB

I talked to him this afternoon he says he is doing ok, but is REALY hungry…lol..I told him the first day is going to be the hardest.

Now what about exercise? Well that is something Hubby doesn’t have a problem with. He plays baseball twice a week, basketball twice a week, and racquetball once a week. Were going to start doing Jillian’s 30 day Shred together, he actually likes it!

I plan on giving you guys updates to let you know how he’s doing you, you can visit his blog and cheer him on too!!!!

One more fun one!


I am not a dietician by any means, but I love helping people eat better, work out and feel great about themselves and if one day I get to do it for a living this will be great practice. So I have this fun project, not that I don’t have enough projects on my plate:) But this one if for the most important person in my life, and I know he can do it. SO LET’S CHEER HIM ON!!!!


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