The Mission Inn Festival of Lights

Last night the Hubs, our cousins and I hit up the Festival of Lights in Downtown Riverside. It’s one of our favorite Christmas traditions. The Mission Inn Hotel is covered in lights and there is just so much to see!


I love looking at decorated Christmas trees, especially ones that are 15 feet tall!


Lots of goofing around takes place in all of the fun thrifty type shops.


The annual shot in front of the Mission Inn.


I wonder how long it takes them to put up all of these lights?!


I think Hubby’s favorite part of our trip is the kettle corn!


I have also been truly enjoying the #SheReadsTruth study through Advent! Who else is doing it?


One of the highlights of this week has been turning on the Christmas music and singing loudly for all to hear while wrapping presents!!! I LOVE WRAPPING!!!


Of course there has been lot’s of hot drinks and Holiday Hallmark movies enjoyed!


Mr.B is all about the Hallmark movies!


I have been trying to stay on track with healthy eats and it hasn’t been so great! Thanks to Costco’s pesto Tilapia and the Green Giant’s Steamers. It’s been a little easier! I need to get back to meal planning, but this weekend and next week we have a holiday event every night! Sexy salads are coming back to lunches, for sure!


Somehow I have managed to get dressed this week! Yep, caught the cold!! But I always think if I look good, it will make me feel better….it seems to do the trick 😉


(Pants: Old navy, Sweater, Shoes, Necklace: Target)

OH AND LOOK WHO MADE ANOTHER WREATH!!!! Well updated it at least 🙂


Off to my second Christmas party of the season! It’s one of my favorites, it’s the Fresh & Easy Christmas party!!! Oh stay tuned tomorrow, for lots of awesome food shots!

Are you a fan of wrapping gifts?
Has anyone ever wrapped in burlap? (I am thinking about giving it a try)


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