The Perfect Purse … is there such a thing?

While we carry one every day, just how functional is this essential item in our wardrobe?
Ok so is there such a thing as the perfect bag, purse, or whatever. Now that I am taking the bus to work, I am trying to find the perfect bag to carry all of my crap, I mean stuff. It’s so hard to find a bag that’s not too big but not just a clutch. I need something that is economical yet stylish of course. On my search I ran into a great company called Sherpani it’s an awesome company with good ideals and philosophy. I love all there stuff, now I just have decide on what will work for me. I run early in the morning, then teach in the day, and then have kickboxing in the afternoon, so needless to say I need a great bag! So I thought I would throw it out there to all my readers, because I know there is just sooo many of you out there;) to help me find the perfect bag!

Here are some of the ones I like:

Number 1
Number 2

Number 3

Number 4